Update years of upstream copyright.
[debian/cpulimit.git] / Makefile
2012-02-21 gregor herrmannMerge tag 'upstream/1.5'
2012-02-21 gregor herrmannImported Upstream version 1.5 upstream/1.5
2011-08-13 gregor herrmannNew upstream release
2011-08-13 gregor herrmann[svn-upgrade] new version cpulimit (1.4) upstream/1.4
2011-05-08 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2011-05-08 gregor herrmann[svn-upgrade] new version cpulimit (1.3) upstream/1.3
2008-08-28 gregor herrmannLoad cpulimit/ into cpulimit/branches/upstream/current. upstream/1.2_svn14
2008-03-13 gregor herrmann[svn-upgrade] Integrating new upstream version, cpulimi... r1216/tags/upstream/1.12_svn10 upstream/1.2_svn10
2006-04-03 gregor herrmann[svn-inject] Installing original source of cpulimit upstream/1.1