descriptioninteractive guide through Alpenzoo
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2015-08-05 Philipp SpitzerAdded JSON field to animal model.
2015-08-05 Philipp SpitzerAdded Gudrun.
2015-08-05 Philipp SpitzerAdded back default Django template engine as the admin...
2015-07-28 Philipp SpitzerRemoved "built-in" Genshi backend as it is replaced...
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2015-06-16 Philipp SpitzerChanges from Winterrodeln (add user defined context...
2015-05-05 Philipp SpitzerNow using "templates" as our template dir name.
2015-05-05 Philipp SpitzerAdded possibility to overwrite app_dirname.
2015-05-05 Philipp SpitzerChanged genshi template engine setting to default values.
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