src/mvc/ add network module.
[toast/confclerk.git] / src / gui / daynavigatorwidget.ui
2013-03-19 Philipp SpitzerCreated more shortcuts (ticket #28).
2011-12-12 Philipp SpitzerAnother layout study.
2011-12-12 Philipp SpitzerChanged layout details to study the effect in Maemo.
2011-10-17 Philipp SpitzerImplemented "now" action and removed the "now" button...
2011-08-15 gregor herrmannImprove day navigator widget.
2011-07-24 gregor herrmannAdd today button to date navigator.
2010-04-14 kirilmasave output from updater QT designer
2010-01-22 pavelpaday navigator widget changes
2010-01-18 korrcoactivities tab implemented - not finished yet
2010-01-13 pavelpaimplemented day navigator widget