Fixed SQL error in searchEvent when no table was selected.
[toast/confclerk.git] / src / icons /
2010-04-22 kirilmareworked UI for conference editing
2010-02-01 pavelpaadded 'settings' icon for setting-up proxy(network...
2010-01-30 pavelpachanged fosdem icon in about dialog to brain-alone...
2010-01-26 pavelpaconflicts refactoring
2010-01-26 timkomasearch done
2010-01-26 pavelpaAbout Application dialog is opened when "info" icon...
2010-01-20 fortefrWarning icon (uncompleted)
2010-01-20 fortefrBig icons
2010-01-18 pavelpaadded GrayScale versions (inactive/OFF) of the icons
2010-01-14 fortefrCompass icon
2010-01-13 pavelpaadded application icon
2010-01-12 pavelpamodified model-view