Removed the ability to show "pictures" (maps) of rooms and maps of conferences.
[toast/confclerk.git] / src / mvc /
2011-06-29 gregor herrmannSome more s;TARGETDEPS;POST_TARGETDEPS;
2011-06-23 gregor herrmannqmake warning: POST_TARGETDEPS instead of TARGETDEPS
2010-04-22 kirilmareworked UI for conference editing
2010-02-01 hanzesAlarm dbus connection added
2010-01-25 korrcoroom view added - need to test it
2010-01-22 korrcoroom.h and .cpp removed
2010-01-22 korrcocaching removed
2010-01-21 pavelpaEventModel signaling changed
2010-01-20 pavelpachanged 'Activity' -> 'Track'
2010-01-19 pavelpapali, nerob bordel
2010-01-19 korrcosupport for view activities with their names added
2010-01-19 pavelpawork on alarm
2010-01-14 pavelpajust some directory renaming