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Project Description Owner Last Change
toast/airingbutler.git Helper device to remind of... Toastfreeware 3 weeks ago
toast/alpenzoo.git interactive guide through... Toastfreeware 4 years ago
toast/barcode2cash.git barcode decoder for receipts Toastfreeware 3 years ago
toast/confclerk.git offline conference schedule... Toastfreeware 7 months ago
toast/cookiecaptcha.git MediaWiki extension, extending... Toastfreeware 7 years ago
toast/findwwwritable.git find writable directories Toastfreeware 8 years ago
toast/gimp_passport.git Create passport images in... Toastfreeware 15 months ago
toast/laplace.git Fork of WebRTC laplace https... Toastfreeware 5 months ago
toast/stream2beamer.git How to stream to the beamer... Toastfreeware 14 hours ago
toast/tdyndns.git Dynamic DNS server side scripts Toastfreeware 3 years ago
toast/webscraper/bob.git webscraper for Toastfreeware 8 days ago
toast/webscraper/psk.git webscraper for PSK Toastfreeware 20 months ago