2021-11-22 gregor herrmannreleasing package bti version 034-6 into distribution... master debian/034-6
2021-11-22 gregor herrmann(Re-)sort dependencies
2021-11-22 gregor herrmannBump debhelper-compat to 13.
2021-11-22 gregor herrmannDeclare compliance with Debian Policy 4.6.0.
2021-11-22 gregor herrmannUpdate years of packaging copyright.
2021-11-22 gregor herrmanndebian/rules: enable all hardening flags.
2021-11-22 gregor herrmannAdd debian/bti.maintscript
2021-11-22 gregor herrmannChange build dependency from libpcre3-dev to libpcre2...
2021-11-22 gregor herrmannAdd patch from upstream pull request to change from...
2020-08-13 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2020-08-13 gregor herrmannReplace '--with bash{_,-}completion' in debian/rules...
2020-05-01 gregor herrmannreleasing package bti version 034-5 debian/034-5
2020-05-01 gregor herrmannUpdate Homepage in debian/control.
2020-05-01 gregor herrmannUpdate years of packaging copyright.
2020-05-01 gregor herrmannRemove obsolete fields Contact, Name from debian/upstre...
2020-05-01 gregor herrmannSet upstream metadata fields: Bug-Submit.
2020-05-01 gregor herrmanndebian/watch: use uscan version 4.
2020-05-01 gregor herrmannBump debhelper-compat to 12.
2020-05-01 gregor herrmannSet Rules-Requires-Root: no.
2020-05-01 gregor herrmannDeclare compliance with Debian Policy 4.5.0.
2018-12-23 gregor herrmannreleasing package bti version 034-4 debian/034-4
2018-12-23 gregor herrmannAdd a (superficial) autopkgtest.
2018-12-23 gregor herrmannRemove trailing whitespace from debian/*.
2018-12-23 gregor herrmannRemove unneeded version constraint from build dependency.
2018-12-23 gregor herrmannDeclare compliance with Debian Policy 4.3.0.
2018-12-23 gregor herrmannSet bindnow linker flag in debian/rules.
2018-12-23 gregor herrmannAdd debian/upstream/metadata.
2018-12-23 gregor herrmannUse HTTPS for Format URL in debian/copyright.
2018-12-23 gregor herrmannFix Vcs-* fields.
2018-12-23 gregor herrmannAdd patch from upstream pull request to remove is_error...
2018-07-01 tony mancillprepare changelog for upload debian/034-3
2018-07-01 tony mancillDrop build-dep on dh-autoreconf
2018-07-01 tony mancillUse debhelper 11
2018-07-01 tony mancillbump copyright years in debian/copyright
2018-07-01 tony mancillUse https URLs in debian/control
2018-07-01 tony mancillBump Standards-Version to 4.1.4
2018-07-01 tony mancillupdate debian/control priority to "optional"
2014-05-11 gregor herrmannreleasing package bti version 034-2 debian/034-2
2014-05-11 gregor herrmannturn off pgpsigurlmangle for the time being
2014-05-11 gregor herrmannAdd build dependency on pkg-config.
2014-03-25 gregor herrmannexport key with '--export-options export-minimal'
2014-02-07 gregor herrmannupdate signing stuff
2014-02-07 gregor herrmannd/watch: update regexp
2014-01-26 gregor herrmannrenamed: debian/upstream-signing-key.pgp -> debian...
2014-01-17 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2014-01-17 gregor herrmannAlso update Source field in debian/copyright.
2014-01-17 gregor herrmanndebian/watch: switch upstream URL back to
2014-01-15 gregor herrmannreleasing package bti version 034-1 debian/034-1
2014-01-15 gregor herrmannDeclare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.5.
2014-01-15 gregor herrmannUpdate years of packaging copyright.
2014-01-15 gregor herrmannAdd patch to remove some more references to
2014-01-15 gregor herrmanndebian/*: don't mention anymore.
2014-01-15 gregor herrmannDrop two patches (taken from upstream or fixed identica...
2014-01-15 gregor herrmannadd bug closers
2014-01-15 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2014-01-15 gregor herrmannMerge tag 'upstream/034'
2014-01-15 gregor herrmannImported Upstream version 034 upstream upstream/034
2013-12-08 gregor herrmannmark json-c patch as applied upstream
2013-06-28 gregor herrmannreleasing package bti version 033-2 debian/033-2
2013-06-28 gregor herrmannAdd patch use-EIO-instead-of-EREMOTEIO.patch,
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannreleasing package bti version 033-1 debian/033-1
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannUpdate long description (direct messages are supported...
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannUpdate OAuth instructions on README.Debian.
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannAdd a patch to fix a spelling mistake in the manpage.
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannAdd patch to handle Debian's libjson-c.
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannAdd build dependency on libjson-c-dev.
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannRefresh patch (offset).
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannunapply patch *cough*
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannrm bti.1 from git again
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannMerge tag 'upstream/033'
2013-06-27 gregor herrmannImported Upstream version 033 upstream/033
2013-05-06 gregor herrmannreleasing package bti version 032-2 debian/032-2
2013-05-06 gregor herrmanndebian/rules: make build non-silent.
2013-05-06 gregor herrmannBump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
2013-05-06 gregor herrmannSet Standards-Version to 3.9.4 (no changes).
2013-05-06 gregor herrmannUpdate years of packaging copyright.
2013-05-06 gregor herrmanndebian/copyright: switch formatting to Copyright-Format...
2013-05-06 gregor herrmannfix d/watch again
2013-05-06 gregor herrmannRemove version from bash-completion build dependency...
2013-05-06 gregor herrmannwrap-and-sort
2013-05-06 gregor herrmannBuild depend on libcurl4-gnutls-dev instead of libcurl4...
2013-02-24 gregor herrmannadd LP id to TODO item
2013-01-27 gregor herrmanndebian/watch: fix again
2012-11-18 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2012-11-18 gregor herrmanndebian/watch: update after github URL schema change.
2012-09-17 gregor herrmannadd TODO to d/changelog
2012-01-08 gregor herrmannUpdate Vcs-* headers.
2011-12-03 gregor herrmannreleasing version 032-1 debian/032-1
2011-12-03 gregor herrmannthe previous attempt lead to fails-to-build-twice becau...
2011-12-03 gregor herrmanndebian/rules: call autoreconf, the tarball from github...
2011-12-03 gregor herrmannRefresh patch manpage-debian.patch (offset), drop remai...
2011-12-03 gregor herrmannNew upstream release
2011-12-02 gregor herrmann[svn-upgrade] new version bti (032) upstream/032
2011-12-02 gregor herrmanndebian/watch: use github redirector, there are no relea...
2011-11-26 gregor herrmannreleasing version 031-4 debian/031-4
2011-11-26 gregor herrmannBuild-depend on libcurl4-nss-dev instead of libcurl4...
2011-11-05 gregor herrmannreleasing version 031-3 debian/031-3
2011-11-04 gregor herrmannAdd patch to output the correct configfile name (identi...
2011-10-25 gregor herrmannreleasing version 031-2 debian/031-2