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2015-03-04 tony mancilladd header to
2015-03-04 tony mancillremove libtool.patch
2015-03-04 tony mancillupdate man.patch
2015-03-04 tony mancilluse dh-autoreconf
2011-11-08 gregor herrmannAdd patch hurd.patch to fix build failure on hurd-i386...
2010-05-25 gregor herrmannUpdate patch headers (DEP3).
2009-11-06 gregor herrmann - libtool.patch:
2009-11-06 gregor herrmann* Patches:
2008-03-05 gregor herrmannAdd patch wording.patch, slightly improves the program...
2008-03-05 gregor herrmannAdd patch man.patch to fix manpage name and section...