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[debian/cdck.git] / configure.ac
2008-03-05 gregor herrmannNew upstream release: adds a warning about misleading...
2008-03-05 gregor herrmann[svn-upgrade] Integrating new upstream version, cdck... upstream/0.7.0
2006-12-14 gregor herrmann* New upstream release (includes the Debian patch from... debian/0.6.0-1
2006-12-14 gregor herrmannLoad /tmp/tmp.iJANi30786/cdck-0.6.0 into upstream/0.6.0
2006-05-09 gregor herrmann* New upstream release.
2006-05-09 gregor herrmannLoad /tmp/tmp.TJTHP26358/cdck-0.5.2 into upstream/0.5.2
2006-05-08 gregor herrmann* New upstream release.
2006-05-08 gregor herrmannLoad /tmp/tmp.wPzbB11598/cdck-0.5.1+0.5.2rc1-1 into r246/tags/upstream/0.5.1+0.5.2rc1-1 upstream/0.5.1+0.5.2rc1
2006-04-17 gregor herrmann[svn-inject] Installing original source of cdck upstream/0.5.1