2020-05-02 gregor herrmannDeclare compliance with Debian Policy 4.5.0.
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannReformat debian/control with cme
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannDrop lintian overrides about Vcs-* fields.
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannUpdate Vcs-* fields.
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannInstall upstream CONTRIBUTING file.
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannUpdate upstream copyright notices.
2020-05-02 gregor massaging
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannUpdate years of packaging copyright.
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannUpdate debian/changelog
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannUpdate upstream source from tag 'upstream/0_20200502...
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannNew upstream version 0~20200502.647fb56 upstream/0_20200502.647fb56
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2020-05-02 gregor herrmannUpdate uscan's git mode in debian/watch.
2018-01-22 gregor herrmannfinalize changelog
2018-01-22 gregor herrmannupdate d/copyright
2018-01-22 gregor herrmannUpdate upstream source from tag 'upstream/0_20180122...
2018-01-22 gregor herrmannNew upstream version 0~20180122.283b8d871 upstream/0_20180122.283b8d871
2018-01-22 gregor herrmannbump version
2017-12-28 gregor herrmannrefresh d/copyright
2017-12-28 gregor herrmannadd debian/gbp.conf to ignore .gitgnore on future imports
2017-12-28 gregor herrmannUpdate upstream source from tag 'upstream/0_20171229...
2017-12-28 gregor herrmannNew upstream version 0~20171229.0a4d633dc upstream/0_20171229.0a4d633dc
2017-12-28 gregor herrmannbump version
2017-12-28 gregor herrmannd/rules: empty override_dh_auto_tests
2017-12-28 gregor herrmannStandards-Version: 4.1.3
2017-12-28 gregor herrmanndebhelper 11
2017-12-28 gregor herrmanncosmetic fixes
2017-12-28 gregor herrmannadd License-Grant
2017-12-28 gregor herrmanntypos
2017-12-28 gregor herrmannadd copyright years from the <updated> tag
2017-01-11 gregor herrmannUpdate years of upstream and packaging copyright.
2017-01-11 gregor herrmannmention git-deborig in d/rules
2017-01-11 gregor herrmanntypo in comment
2016-12-25 gregor herrmanndebian/ mentions <contributor /> tags
2016-12-25 gregor herrmannsort authors/contributors
2016-12-25 gregor herrmannImport Debian patch 0~20161224.fb66c3492-1
2016-12-25 gregor herrmannImport Upstream version 0~20161224.fb66c3492 upstream/0_20161224.fb66c3492