releasing package confclerk version 0.7.0-2 into distribution unstable
[debian/confclerk.git] /
2017-10-01 gregor herrmannUpdate upstream source from tag 'upstream/0.6.3'
2017-10-01 gregor herrmannNew upstream version 0.6.3 upstream/0.6.3
2017-08-30 gregor herrmannifdef qt4 and qt5
2017-08-30 gregor herrmannMerge branch 'master' into qt5
2017-01-24 gregor herrmannNew upstream version 0.6.2 upstream/0.6.2
2017-01-24 gregor herrmannMerge tag 'upstream/0.6.2'
2017-01-22 gregor add "-transparent white" to convert...
2017-01-11 gregor herrmannMerge branch 'master' into qt5
2015-01-20 gregor herrmannUpdate release target.
2015-01-20 gregor herrmannUpdate ChangeLog target.
2015-01-13 Philipp SpitzerMerged changes from trunk. It still compiles successful...
2014-09-11 gregor herrmannMake release target depend on distclean target
2014-09-11 gregor herrmannMerge tag 'upstream/0.6.1'
2014-09-11 gregor herrmannImported Upstream version 0.6.1 upstream/0.6.1
2014-09-11 gregor fix typo in pod2man call.
2014-09-11 gregor cosmetic editoring.
2014-09-11 gregor add signature target.
2013-06-12 gregor herrmannMerge tag 'upstream/0.6.0'
2013-06-12 gregor herrmannImported Upstream version 0.6.0 upstream/0.6.0
2013-05-28 gregor herrmannMove removal of generated file into new releaseclean...
2013-05-28 gregor Add created files to QMAKE_DISTCLEAN.
2012-06-13 gregor herrmannAdd .pro.user.* to svn:ignore and remove it in the...
2011-07-23 gregor herrmann* New upstream release:
2011-07-23 gregor herrmann[svn-upgrade] new version confclerk (0.5.2) upstream/0.5.2
2011-07-14 gregor herrmannDon't include tarballs in release tarballs ...
2011-07-14 gregor herrmannDon't remove generated files in DISTCLEAN; otherwise...
2011-07-14 gregor herrmannReorganize CLEAN and DISTCLEAN targets.
2011-07-14 gregor herrmannRemove ChangeLog from svn (it's created via svn2cl...
2011-06-29 gregor herrmann[svn-inject] Installing original source of confclerk... upstream/0.5.0
2011-06-27 Philipp SpitzerIncluded application version in the about dialog. This...
2011-06-25 gregor herrmannCreate a simple man page.
2011-06-24 gregor herrmannImprove release target in .pro
2011-06-23 gregor herrmannThe big rename. Which was not so big after all ...