Update Vcs-* headers.
[debian/fosdem-schedule.git] / debian /
2012-01-08 gregor herrmannUpdate Vcs-* headers. master
2011-08-06 gregor herrmannd/watch: turn off sf redirecor again. fails with PET.
2011-06-30 gregor herrmann* Convert into a transitional dummy package for confclerk. debian/0.4.1+svn262+ds-2
2011-01-29 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.4.1+svn262+ds-1 debian/0.4.1+svn262+ds-1
2011-01-28 gregor herrmannRemove generated files in clean target.
2011-01-22 gregor herrmannupdate dversionmangle in watch file to deal with local...
2011-01-22 gregor herrmannAdd lintian override for spelling-error-in-binary,...
2011-01-22 gregor herrmannNew build dependency: sqlite3.
2011-01-22 gregor herrmannNew upstream release 0.4.1 + svn snapshot r262.
2011-01-22 gregor herrmanndebian/copyright: update formatting.
2011-01-18 gregor herrmanntypo. and en_GB.
2010-12-23 gregor herrmanndebhelper knows about qmake; bump required version...
2010-12-23 gregor herrmannadd patch header
2010-12-23 gregor herrmannSet Standards-Version to 3.9.1 (no changes).
2010-12-23 gregor herrmannSwitch to source format 3.0 (quilt).
2010-12-23 gregor herrmanndebian/copyright: add third party files.
2010-10-23 gregor herrmanndebian/watch: comment out the sf.net redirector, again
2010-03-05 gregor herrmannrefresh patch
2010-03-05 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2010-02-21 gregor herrmann* Refresh desktop.patch.
2010-02-21 gregor herrmannNew upstream release
2010-02-12 gregor herrmanndebian/watch: comment out the sf.net redirector which...
2010-02-03 gregor herrmannimprove POD debian/0.3+ds-1
2010-02-03 gregor herrmannno need to import, the data is shipped now
2010-02-03 gregor herrmannthe (svn)ChangeLog should long be gone
2010-02-03 gregor herrmanntune get-orig-source
2010-02-03 gregor herrmannrewrite history
2010-02-03 gregor herrmannadd Vcs-* header
2010-02-03 gregor herrmann[svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk