Merge tag 'upstream/0.1.4'
[debian/fullquottel.git] / debian / rules
2013-11-16 gregor herrmannMerge tag 'upstream/0.1.4'
2013-05-05 gregor herrmannSwitch from autotools-dev to dh-autoconf.
2013-05-05 gregor herrmannMerge tag 'upstream/0.1.3'
2011-02-26 gregor herrmannthe huge packaging update
2007-12-25 gregor herrmann* Set Standards-Version to 3.7.3 (no changes required).
2007-09-17 gregor herrmann* Clean up debian/rules and debian/dirs.
2007-04-01 gregor herrmann* New upstream release (closes: #417186). debian/0.1.2-1
2006-02-25 gregor herrmannLoad fullquottel-0.1.1 into debian/fullquottel/trunk.