Drop spelling.patch, merged upstream.
[debian/iodine.git] / debian / config
2014-06-21 gregor herrmannFix regression of /etc/default/iodine handling.
2014-06-21 gregor herrmannRevert "Split package into server and client packages."
2014-06-20 gregor herrmannSplit package into server and client packages.
2013-05-09 gregor herrmannRewrite handling of /etc/default/iodine
2011-02-11 gregor herrmannimprove awk snippet to only remove first and last doubl...
2011-02-10 gregor herrmannDon't source /etc/default/iodine in config script but...
2010-07-03 gregor herrmann* New upstream release:
2009-03-21 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2009-01-25 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2008-08-08 gregor herrmannNew upstream release:
2007-12-01 gregor herrmannNew upstream release:
2007-06-22 gregor herrmannimplement password option for debconf/default
2007-03-30 gregor herrmann* New upstream release.
2007-03-20 gregor herrmann[svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk