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2014-10-05 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannreleasing package iodine version 0.7.0-1 debian/0.7.0-1
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannadd bug closers to d/changelog
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2014-09-08 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2014-06-21 gregor herrmannreleasing package iodine version 0.6.0~rc1-20 debian/0.6.0.rc1-20
2014-06-21 gregor herrmannRevert "update changelog"
2014-06-20 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2014-06-17 gregor herrmannreleasing package iodine version 0.6.0~rc1-19 debian/0.6.0.rc1-19
2014-06-17 gregor herrmannSet urgency=high.
2014-06-17 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2013-09-30 gregor herrmannreleasing package iodine version 0.6.0~rc1-18 debian/0.6.0.rc1-18
2013-07-06 gregor herrmannreleasing package iodine version 0.6.0~rc1-17 debian/0.6.0.rc1-17
2013-06-26 gregor herrmannreleasing package iodine version 0.6.0~rc1-16 debian/0.6.0.rc1-16
2013-06-22 gregor herrmannreleasing package iodine version 0.6.0~rc1-15 debian/0.6.0.rc1-15
2013-05-14 gregor herrmannreleasing package iodine version 0.6.0~rc1-14 debian/0.6.0.rc1-14
2013-05-09 gregor herrmannreleasing package iodine version 0.6.0~rc1-13 debian/0.6.0.rc1-13
2013-05-09 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2012-10-31 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-12 debian/0.6.0.rc1-12
2012-05-22 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-11 debian/0.6.0.rc1-11
2012-05-22 gregor herrmannadd bugs to changelog
2012-04-14 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-10 debian/0.6.0.rc1-10
2012-04-14 Luca Capellodebian/iodine.iodined.init: add to LSB's Required-Start
2012-03-31 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-9 debian/0.6.0.rc1-9
2012-03-30 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-8 debian/0.6.0.rc1-8
2012-01-08 gregor herrmannUpdate Vcs-* headers.
2011-12-19 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-7 debian/0.6.0_rc1-7
2011-12-19 gregor herrmannAdd support for "status" action to init.d script
2011-10-23 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-6 debian/0.6.0_rc1-6
2011-10-23 gregor herrmannSet Standards-Version to 3.9.2 (no changes).
2011-10-23 gregor herrmanndebian/{rules,control}: replace hardening-includes...
2011-10-23 gregor herrmannNew patch: cmdline-r-u.patch. Due to a missing "break...
2011-02-12 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-5 debian/0.6.0_rc1-5
2011-02-10 gregor herrmannAdd patch armel_ftbfs.patch: Rename struct user to...
2011-02-10 gregor herrmannAdd a logcheck filter; thanks to martin f krafft for...
2011-02-10 gregor herrmannDon't source /etc/default/iodine in config script but...
2011-02-07 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-4 debian/0.6.0_rc1-4
2011-01-14 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-3 debian/0.6.0_rc1-3
2011-01-14 gregor herrmanndebian/copyright: update years of packaging copyright...
2010-12-06 gregor herrmannUpdate iodine-client-start to version 1.0.3, commit...
2010-11-10 gregor herrmannAdd Danish debconf translation, thanks to Joe Dalton...
2010-09-22 tony mancill#597736
2010-09-20 gregor herrmannNew patch uninitialized-inside_topdomain.patch: initialize
2010-09-20 gregor herrmannadd bug closer
2010-09-20 gregor herrmannrevert the reversion ...
2010-09-20 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-2 debian/0.6.0_rc1-2
2010-09-20 tony mancillproposed patch for #597258
2010-09-20 tony mancillrevert prior commit temporarily for #597258
2010-08-21 gregor herrmann* Build with hardening; thanks to Romain Francoise...
2010-07-10 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.6.0~rc1-1 debian/0.6.0_rc1-1
2010-07-10 gregor herrmanndebian/copyright: point to /usr/share/common-licenses...
2010-07-03 gregor herrmannThis version introduces a new and incompatible protocol...
2010-07-03 gregor herrmannSet Standards-Version to 3.9.0 (no changes).
2010-07-03 gregor herrmannAdd new patch manpage.patch (*roff problems). Refresh...
2010-07-03 gregor herrmannincludes the changes we had backported in openlog.patch...
2010-07-03 gregor herrmann* New upstream release:
2010-07-03 gregor herrmanndebian/watch: relax regexp to also catch release candid...
2010-05-24 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.2-7 debian/0.5.2-7
2010-05-24 gregor herrmannAdd Spanish debconf translation, thanks to Francisco...
2010-05-23 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.2-6 debian/0.5.2-6
2010-05-23 gregor herrmannUpdate iodine-client-start (02eb805).
2010-05-23 gregor herrmannConvert to source format 3.0 (quilt). Remove quilt...
2010-05-23 gregor herrmannAdd $syslog facility to init script.
2010-03-10 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.2-5 debian/0.5.2-5
2010-03-10 gregor herrmannREADME.Debian: mention /usr/sbin/iodine-client-start...
2010-03-10 gregor herrmannNew patch openlog.patch: move openlog() call before...
2010-02-27 gregor herrmannUpdate iodine-client-start (01b8c6f).
2010-02-10 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.2-4 debian/0.5.2-4
2010-02-10 gregor herrmannInclude updated iodine-client-start script and install...
2010-02-08 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.2-3 debian/0.5.2-3
2010-02-08 gregor herrmannAdjust handling of /etc/default/iodine in init script.
2010-02-08 gregor herrmannNew patch spelling.patch: fix a minore spelling mistake...
2010-02-08 gregor herrmannSet Standards-Version to 3.8.4 (no changes).
2010-02-08 gregor herrmanndebian/copyright: update formatting.
2010-02-08 gregor herrmann* The example script iodine-jigger is now called iodine...
2009-11-26 gregor herrmannAdd Russian debconf translation, thanks to Hideki Yamane
2009-09-12 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.2-2 debian/0.5.2-2
2009-09-12 gregor herrmannUpdate debian/rules, bump build dependencies in debian...
2009-09-12 gregor herrmannSet Standards-Version to 3.8.3 (no changes).
2009-09-12 gregor herrmannAdd Russian debconf translation, thanks to Yuri Kozlov...
2009-06-02 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.2-1 debian/0.5.2-1
2009-06-02 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2009-03-26 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.1-2 debian/0.5.1-2
2009-03-26 gregor herrmannCreate /var/run/iodine in init script if it doesn't...
2009-03-26 gregor herrmann(Re-)add a warning to README.Debian that both client...
2009-03-21 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.1-1 debian/0.5.1-1
2009-03-21 gregor herrmanndebian/copyright: add an additional copyright holder.
2009-03-21 gregor herrmannSet Standards-Version to 3.8.1 (no changes).
2009-03-21 gregor herrmannRefresh 03_cflags.patch.
2009-03-21 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2009-02-15 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.0-3 debian/0.5.0-3
2009-02-15 gregor herrmannImprovements in init script, main point: be less verbos...
2009-01-29 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.0-2 debian/0.5.0-2
2009-01-29 gregor herrmannUpdate example script iodine-jigger; thanks to Stephan...
2009-01-25 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.5.0-1 debian/0.5.0-1
2009-01-25 gregor herrmannRefresh patch 03_cflags.patch; drop patch 04_base64...
2009-01-25 gregor herrmannInstall the new protocol descriptions under doc/*.
2009-01-25 gregor herrmanndebian/copyright: update years of upstream copyright.
2009-01-25 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2009-01-15 gregor herrmannreleasing version 0.4.2-3 debian/0.4.2-3