debian/rules: use $(DPATCH_STAMPFN) and $@.
[debian/iodine.git] / debian / rules
2007-12-01 gregor herrmanndebian/rules: use $(DPATCH_STAMPFN) and $@.
2007-12-01 gregor herrmann - hides password from ps and stdin (closes: #432719).
2007-12-01 gregor herrmannNew upstream release:
2007-11-26 gregor herrmann* Apply patch for "init script fails to restart", thank...
2007-09-17 gregor herrmann* Clean up debian/rules.
2007-07-13 gregor herrmann* Add Portuguese translation for debconf messages,...
2007-07-11 gregor herrmann* Change mode of /etc/default/iodine to 600, thanks...
2007-06-22 gregor herrmannremove spurious dh_installinit
2007-03-30 gregor herrmannenable checks
2007-03-30 gregor herrmannfix debian/rules and manpage
2007-03-30 gregor herrmannpatch Makefile
2007-03-30 gregor herrmann* New upstream release.
2007-03-20 gregor herrmann[svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk