Add new patch cross.patch to fix cross compilation.
[debian/iodine.git] / debian / patches /
2019-02-09 gregor herrmannAdd new patch cross.patch to fix cross compilation.
2019-02-09 gregor herrmannRefresh existing patches.
2014-10-06 gregor herrmannUpdate kfreebsd.patch and rename to kfreebsd-hurd.patch.
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannadd forwarded URL to kfreebsd.patch
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannAdd patch to fix compilation failure on kfreebsd-*.
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannPreliminary systemd support:
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannDrop 0001-Fix-authentication-bypass-bug.patch, which...
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannDrop test-libs.patch, fixed upstream.
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannRefresh verbose-build.patch.
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannDrop 0001-man-iodine.8-add-note-about-sharing-port...
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannDrop cmdline-r-u.patch, merged upstream.
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannDrop armel_ftbfs.patch, fixed upstream.
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannDrop uninitialized-inside_topdomain.patch, merged upstream.
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannDrop manpage.patch, merged upstream.
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannDrop spelling.patch, merged upstream.
2014-10-05 gregor herrmannRefresh cflags.patch.
2014-06-17 gregor herrmannAdd patch 0001-Fix-authentication-bypass-bug.patch
2013-06-26 gregor herrmannAdd patch to add linker flags to test; build-depend...
2013-05-09 gregor herrmannNew patch verbose-build.patch: unhide compiler flags.
2012-04-15 gregor herrmannmark gismo's patch forwarded
2012-04-14 gregor herrmannAdd patch 0001-man-iodine.8-add-note-about-sharing...
2011-10-23 gregor herrmanndebian/{rules,control}: replace hardening-includes...
2011-10-23 gregor herrmannNew patch: cmdline-r-u.patch. Due to a missing "break...
2011-02-10 gregor herrmannrename {03_,}cflags.patch
2011-02-10 gregor herrmannmark patch forwarded
2011-02-10 gregor herrmannAdd patch armel_ftbfs.patch: Rename struct user to...
2011-01-14 gregor herrmannadd upstream bug number to patch
2010-09-20 gregor herrmannNew patch uninitialized-inside_topdomain.patch: initialize
2010-07-03 gregor herrmannAdd new patch manpage.patch (*roff problems). Refresh...
2010-07-03 gregor herrmannincludes the changes we had backported in openlog.patch...
2010-07-03 gregor herrmann* New upstream release:
2010-03-10 gregor herrmannNew patch openlog.patch: move openlog() call before...
2010-02-08 gregor herrmannNew patch spelling.patch: fix a minore spelling mistake...
2009-03-21 gregor herrmannRefresh 03_cflags.patch.
2009-03-21 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2009-01-25 gregor herrmannRefresh patch 03_cflags.patch; drop patch 04_base64...
2009-01-25 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2008-08-08 gregor herrmann - drop patches 01_mandir.patch and 02_make.patch...
2008-08-08 gregor herrmannNew upstream release:
2008-05-28 gregor herrmannSwitch patch system from dpatch to quilt.
2008-03-01 gregor herrmannNew patch 04_base64: don't build/test {src,tests}/base6... debian/0.4.1-3
2008-02-05 gregor herrmannAdd patch 03_cflags.dpatch: use CFLAGS from debian...
2007-12-01 gregor herrmann - uses $(MAKE) in Makefile, except in one case, there...
2007-12-01 gregor herrmann - hides password from ps and stdin (closes: #432719).
2007-12-01 gregor herrmannNew upstream release:
2007-11-16 gregor herrmann* Add Dutch debconf translation, thanks to Bart Cornelis
2007-03-30 gregor herrmannfix debian/rules and manpage
2007-03-30 gregor herrmannpatch Makefile; part 2