Update DEP3 headers in the patch.
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2012-03-31 gregor herrmannUpdate DEP3 headers in the patch.
2012-03-31 gregor herrmannUpdate debian-libs.patch to the changed path in LibreOf...
2012-02-18 gregor herrmannadd back debian/patches/series, no idea why/how it...
2011-03-29 gregor herrmannRefresh patch.
2011-03-29 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2011-03-09 gregor herrmannRefresh patch.
2011-03-09 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2011-02-07 gregor herrmannrevert last commit and integrate Rene's patch instead
2010-08-01 gregor herrmanndebian-libs.patch: add antlr3-runtime.jar to classpath
2010-05-16 gregor herrmannRefresh debian-libs.patch.