Note: The bibtex program is mentioned many times in these help files. Bibtex is a utility for the generation of bibliographic references in LaTeX documents, created by Oren Patashnik. The same database format is also used with CiteMaker, a utility for bibliography generation in Adobe FrameMaker.

JabRef is is a program for working with bibtex databases. The program uses no internal file format, which means you normally load and save your databases directly in the bibtex .bib format. However, you can also import bibliography databases in a number of other formats into JabRef.

JabRef provides sorting and searching functionality for getting the overview of your databases' contents. You can easily add new database entries without having to remember what information is required, and bibtex keys can be autogenerated. JabRef will be most useful for those using bibtex or CiteMaker, but may also be of use to those using other referencing systems or simply wanting to organize their literature sources.

The JabRef main window