About bibtex

JabRef helps you work with your bibtex databases, but there are still rules to keep in mind when editing your entries, to ensure that your database is treated properly by the bibtex program.

Bibtex fields

There is a lot of different fields in bibtex, and some additional fields that you can set in JabRef.

Generally, you can use LaTeX commands inside of fields containing text. Bibtex will automatically format your reference lists, and those fields that are included in the lists will be (de)capitalized according to your bibliography style. To ensure that certain characters remain capitalized, enclose them in braces, like in the word {B}elgium.

Notes about some of the field types:

Other fields

BibTeX is extremely popular, and many people have used it to store information. Here is a list of some of the more common fields:


*) not direct supported by JabRef