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The entry editor

-Opened from main window by double-clicking on the leftmost column of an entry -(by double-clicking anywhere on the entry line if "Allow editing in table cells" -is not selected in Options --> Preferences --> General) -, or by pressing ENTER. The panel is closed by pressing ESC. +Opened from main window by double-clicking anywhere on the line of the entry, +or selecting the entry and pressing ENTER. The panel is closed by pressing ESC.

In this panel you can specify all relevant information on a single entry. The entry editor checks the type of your entry, and lists all the fields that @@ -24,9 +22,9 @@ type of entry, and which fields appear in the General fields tab. See

The entry editor's panels

-The entry editor contains five panels, required fields, -optional fields, general fields, abstract and bibtex -source, where general fields and abstract can be customized +The entry editor contains six panels: Required fields, +Optional fields, General, Abstract, Review and BibTeX +source, where General, Abstract and Review can be customized (see Customizing general fields for details). Inside the three first panels, TAB and SHIFT-TAB are used to switch focus between the text fields.