what's wrong with config*
[debian/mimetic.git] / test /
2007-07-10 gregor herrmann* Switch from ${Source-Version} to ${binary:Version...
2007-04-03 gregor herrmann* New upstream release, compatible with GCC 4.3 (closes...
2007-01-21 gregor herrmann* New upstream release.
2007-01-21 gregor herrmann[svn-upgrade] Integrating new upstream version, mimetic... upstream/0.9.2
2006-04-16 gregor herrmannNew upstream release.
2006-04-16 gregor herrmannLoad /tmp/tmp.NkkSUd/mimetic-0.9.1 into upstream/0.9.1
2006-02-25 gregor herrmannLoad mimetic-0.8.9 into debian/mimetic/trunk.
2006-02-25 gregor herrmann[svn-inject] Installing original source of mimetic upstream/0.8.9