2007-09-21 gregor herrmannMove upstream URL from the description to the new Homep...
2007-09-17 gregor herrmannClean up debian/rules.
2007-02-23 gregor herrmannadd XS-Vcs-Browser field to debian/control
2006-12-15 gregor herrmannfix typo in debian/links
2006-12-15 gregor herrmannenable dh_link in debian/rules
2006-12-15 gregor herrmannremove nanoblogger.1 from debian/manpages
2006-12-15 gregor herrmann* Make nanobloggermail.1 a symlink to nb_mail.1. debian/0.2-5
2006-11-11 gregor herrmannadd XS-Vcs-Svn line to debian/control
2006-05-23 gregor herrmann* Watch file added.
2006-05-01 gregor herrmann* Moved debhelper from Build-Depends-Indep to Build...
2006-05-01 gregor herrmann* Update to Standards-Version: 3.7.0 (no changes required).
2006-02-25 gregor herrmannLoad nanobloggermail-0.2 into debian/nanobloggermail...
2006-02-25 gregor herrmann[svn-inject] Installing original source of nanobloggermail upstream upstream/0.2