Merge testing branch into master
[gregoa/bti.git] /
2010-08-31 Diego Elio 'Flamee... build system: use consistently pkg-config to check...
2010-08-18 Greg Kroah-HartmanFixup typo in found by @applehq
2010-08-18 Greg Kroah-Hartmanfix up the autoconf checking for liboauth and other...
2009-05-05 Greg Kroah-HartmanMerge branch 'master' of gregkh@/linux/kernel/git/gregk...
2009-04-14 Greg Kroah-Hartmanadd the script to the tarball.
2009-04-14 Greg Kroah-HartmanInstall bti-shrink-urls properly
2009-04-14 Greg Kroah-Hartmanfix build of man pages
2009-04-14 Greg Kroah-Hartmanadd more forgotten files to
2009-04-13 Greg and tweaks to get the release...
2009-04-13 Greg Kroah-Hartmananother git-release fix
2009-04-13 Greg Kroah-Hartmanremove Makefile and fix git-release script
2009-04-13 Greg Kroah-Hartmanmore autoconf fun
2009-04-13 Greg Kroah-Hartmanconvert to use autotools