Use ousaged only for suspending
[gregoa/zavai.git] / src / app_polygen.vala
2009-09-11 Enrico ZiniFixed description in comments
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniImplemented scheduling a new alarm
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniAttended to various warnings
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniAllow to select grammar using extra button
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniMoved polygen into misc/ menu
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniSeparate lines in a multiline grammar
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniTreat grammars differently according to what they generate
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniShow polygen results in a clickable text area
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniStarted polygen plugin