Updated README to handle hooks
[gregoa/zavai.git] / README
2009-10-13 Enrico ZiniUpdated README to handle hooks
2009-09-30 Enrico ZiniBattery status via devicekit-power
2009-09-28 Enrico ZiniAdded display script
2009-09-28 Enrico ZiniUse X11 to handle the screen turning off
2009-09-13 Enrico ZiniREADME updated
2009-09-13 Enrico ZiniShow calendar when clicking on date
2009-09-12 Enrico ZiniAdded initial calendar applet
2009-09-11 Enrico ZiniHide zavai main window when we go out of visibility
2009-09-07 Enrico ZiniRemoved unimplemented feature from GPS menu
2009-09-06 Enrico ZiniAdded icon shortcut to apps applet
2009-09-06 Enrico ZiniAdded button to reset the GPS
2009-09-05 Enrico ZiniAdded a README