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[gregoa/zavai.git] / src / app_main.vala
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniShow registration type
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniDebugging
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniUpdate GSM info when turning it off
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniCreate label
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniShow gsm info
2010-03-14 Enrico ZiniDon't show music player controls by default yet
2010-03-14 Enrico ZiniStarted music player controls
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniAdded GSM status display
2009-12-18 Enrico ZiniMerge branch 'master' of
2009-12-16 Enrico ZiniSimplified by referencing to resources directly instead...
2009-12-16 Enrico ZiniRetabbed
2009-11-29 Enrico ZiniAlarms via at work
2009-09-13 Enrico ZiniShow calendar when clicking on date
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniVibrate on alarm
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniLabels with combo
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniAbstracted common parts
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniGrammar correction
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniBigger buttons
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniConnect missing signals
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniBigger buttons, bigger steps
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniFixed amounts
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniAdded relative deadline
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniFixes to alarm scheduling
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniImplemented scheduling a new alarm
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniCenter the text
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniShow remaining time to last deadline
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniShow next deadline
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniForked out a new Clock service
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniAttended to various warnings
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniMoved gps status icon to main screen
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniHandle gps disconnect time
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniDebug GPS time
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniLarger clock
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniAdded main status screen with CLOCK