Added GPS tray icon
[gregoa/zavai.git] / vala / app.vala
2009-07-22 Enrico ZiniAdded take waypoint butting and fixed several bugs
2009-07-21 Enrico ZiniCleared up even more starting/stopping->requesting...
2009-07-21 Enrico ZiniClarified use of Services
2009-07-21 Enrico ZiniMake service a Gtk.ToggleAction
2009-07-21 Enrico ZiniAlmost restored GPX service
2009-07-21 Enrico ZiniAdd support for toggle links
2009-07-21 Enrico ZiniDebugged menu workflow
2009-07-20 Enrico ZiniBetter shape for the menu infrastructure
2009-07-20 Enrico ZiniMore UI machinery
2009-07-20 Enrico ZiniRegistry used as singleton
2009-07-18 Enrico ZiniAdded support for applets
2009-07-18 Enrico ZiniAdded main window