2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniTwo less warnings
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniDrafted code to load log entries
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniOne less warning
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniRemove unneeded ID systems
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniAdd debug option to fire an alarm
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniFind script for gsm
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniUse find_and_run_script more thoroughly
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniRecommend what zavai's default isn't using
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniLook into system hook dir if scripts not found in homedir
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniDon't install standard hooks as example
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniInstall hooks executable
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniInstall in usr/share/zavai/hooks
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniInstall hooks in prefix/share/zavai
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniShow registration type
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniMerge branch 'master' of ssh://ciapino/root/zavai
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniWork with frameworkd without a config file
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniSmall README updates
2010-03-27 Enrico ZiniReunified sources, as there seemed to be only disadvant...
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniDebugging
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniSave log in the end
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniTry to log calls
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniUpdate GSM info when turning it off
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniCreate label
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniShow gsm info
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniRemoved useless code
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniBring starter back into GSM with an async method
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniMerge branch 'master' of ssh://ciapino/root/zavai
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniTry to make things async
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniDump the hashmaps
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniFix method signatures
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniRegister with network also on the PIN code path
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniSimplified the test script
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniActually do something
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniSimplified simple test
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniTry to get info out of GSM
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniAnother missing 'public'
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniMissing public
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniTry to include our vapis better
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniForgot to add file
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniStarted dir with little test programs
2010-03-26 Enrico ZiniSplit non-ui functions in separate lib
2010-03-18 Enrico ZiniNotes about remotising devices
2010-03-16 Enrico ZiniNote about alarm audio file formats
2010-03-14 Enrico ZiniDocumented the new alarm feature
2010-03-14 Enrico ZiniForgot to add new source
2010-03-14 Enrico ZiniDon't show music player controls by default yet
2010-03-14 Enrico ZiniStarted music player controls
2010-03-14 Enrico ZiniMake noise for alarms
2010-03-14 Enrico ZiniImplement looping
2010-03-14 Enrico ZiniShare code among players
2010-03-14 Enrico ZiniAdded music playing infrastructure with preempting...
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniAdded PIN OK message
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniAdded GSM status display
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniREADME updated
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniFix service name to match script
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniAbstract script monitoring service code
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniComment out debugging code
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniLeave gpsd always on and just control gps power
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniRemoved useless request
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniCheck what is polled
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniREADME updated with GSM info
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniShorter timeout
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniMore activation motions
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniUse exec so we directly kill frameworkd
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniTypo
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniTrying again
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniFixed signature
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniMore debugging
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniStart dbus ruckus after frameworkd comes online
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniMore dbus bits
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniAlso turn gsm power on/off
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniREADME updated
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniHook to start frameworkd
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniRun hook script for gsm
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniRun hook script for gsm
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniStarted redoing GSM as a service that manages a child...
2010-03-11 Enrico ZiniUpdate button if the service stops by itself
2010-03-10 Enrico ZiniCheck gps/wifi/bt status at service start
2010-03-10 Enrico ZiniGPX logging is back
2010-03-10 Enrico ZiniUpdated copyright
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniRemoved source completely rewritten in vala
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniAllow to configure gpsd host:port via config file
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniUse gps on localhost
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniREADME updated
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniAdded wifi toggle
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniAdded Bluetooth hook
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniBluetooth start/stop button
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniUpdated README
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniGPX trace while logs are open
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniFixes to gpx logger
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniLog alarms using new GPX logger
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniDraft gpx-based logging module
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniREADME updated
2010-03-09 Enrico ZiniShow gps time when available
2010-03-08 Enrico Zinivapi bits and annotations
2010-03-08 Enrico ZiniRemoved debugging print
2010-03-08 Enrico ZiniUpdate GPS icon with fix status from gpsd
2010-03-08 Enrico ZiniInitial libgps-based gps monitor support
2010-03-08 Enrico ZiniAdded draft libgps vapi
2010-03-07 Enrico ZiniREADME updated