2009-09-06 Enrico ZiniImplement power cycling the GPS directly
2009-09-06 Enrico ZiniAdded button to reset the GPS
2009-09-06 Enrico ZiniRemove CommandButton and just make a generic script...
2009-09-06 Enrico ZiniBack to main after launching an app
2009-09-05 Enrico ZiniAdded a README
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniReset short press combo timers on long press
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniTrying to get the right interaction for show clock
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniMore appropriate applet name
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniShow clock on double power short press
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniTrack short press times
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniGo back after launching an app
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniMove Run program inside Current Apps (next to back...
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniAlternate way to blank screen on lock
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniAlternate way to blank screen on lock
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniAlternate way to blank screen on lock
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniTurn off backlight when locking screen, unless backligh...
2009-08-22 Enrico ZiniClose power menu when toggling backlight
2009-08-21 Enrico ZiniRemoved cruft from TODO
2009-08-21 Enrico ZiniAdded todo list in the git repo
2009-08-21 Enrico ZiniAdded .desktop file for satellite-monitor
2009-08-21 Enrico ZiniAdded dbus config
2009-08-19 Enrico ZiniEven more debugging
2009-08-19 Enrico ZiniIt works now, python-rtc was missing
2009-08-19 Enrico ZiniSecond attempt
2009-08-19 Enrico ZiniCheck what is going on with the RTC
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniComments
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniWiggle screen on alarm
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniAdded misc config files
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniVibrate on alarm
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniLabels with combo
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniAbstracted common parts
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniGrammar correction
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniBigger buttons
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniConnect missing signals
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniBigger buttons, bigger steps
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniFixed amounts
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniAdded relative deadline
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniFixes to alarm scheduling
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniImplemented scheduling a new alarm
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniCenter the text
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniShow remaining time to last deadline
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniShow next deadline
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniCleanup code a bit
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniConnect alarm notification to clock
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniRegister own name
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniAttempt to GET the alarm response
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniMore test
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniShould not disconnect this way
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniTry complaining if alarm is null
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniFiner grained
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniGet bus name and use it on clock
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniTry again to set alarms
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniUse default bus name
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniTry to use fso for scheduling alarms
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniImplemented a sorted alarm list
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniForked out a new Clock service
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniDo not create the satellite monitor app anymore
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniRemoved commented out and legacy code
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniAttended to various warnings
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniFixed bad name clash
2009-08-17 Enrico ZiniMoved gps status icon to main screen
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniNo, minimum vertical size is needed
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniRequest size only horizontally
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniShorter time for long press
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniHandle gps disconnect time
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniDebug GPS time
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniLarger clock
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniAdded main status screen with CLOCK
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniCancel turning off, don't alter policy when wiggling
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniSecond attempt at darkening on lock
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniTurn off after locking
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniRemoved debugging
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniUse a timer to detect long presses
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniDebugging
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniShorter time for long press, detect properly, no need...
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniProper instantiation order
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniLock screen on long power press
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniWiggle screen on unlock
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniKeyboard icon gives feedback on screen lock
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniBetter attempt to detect long button down
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniTurn on backlight on short click
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniPower menu as popup
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniActually show the dialog
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniShow the widgets inside the power menu
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniHide power menu after clicking some of its buttons
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniSecond attempt at a togglable power menu
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniFirst attempt at hiding power menu if power button...
2009-08-16 Enrico ZiniKill button as back button when on zavai
2009-08-14 Enrico ZiniAdded feature to keep backlight on
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniAllow to select grammar using extra button
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniThe lower part can now have more than one button
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniMoved polygen into misc/ menu
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniSeparate lines in a multiline grammar
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniAutodetect grammar type
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniTreat grammars differently according to what they generate
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniShow polygen results in a clickable text area
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniRemoved debugging printf
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniStarted polygen plugin
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniRemoved some debugging prints and test code
2009-08-13 Enrico ZiniAdded script to generate a cache of polygen info