Remove JavaScript Google Map API include as we don't use it right now.
[philipp/winterrodeln/mediawiki_extensions/wrmap.git] / wrmap.php
2015-11-22 philippMade extension compatible with MobileFrontend extension.
2014-06-26 philippNow using i18n and translation.
2013-12-29 philippIncreased version number to 3.3.0.
2013-12-29 philippAdded new point type "verleih".
2013-12-28 philippIncreased version number to 3.2.1.
2013-11-04 philippIncreased the version number to 3.2.0.
2013-11-03 philippIncreased version number to 3.1.0.
2013-11-03 philippAdded new type of map entry: foto (enhancment ticket...
2013-10-24 philippIncreased minor version number.
2013-10-06 philippIncreased version number to 3.0.4.
2013-09-28 philippIncreased version number to 3.0.3.
2013-09-27 philippIncreased the minor version number.
2013-09-18 philippAdjusted version number to 3.0.1.
2013-09-18 philippXML entities like & are now decoded correctly by...
2013-09-14 philippNow using the minimized version of OpenLayers.
2013-09-08 philippAdded <anfahrt> to the definition of wrmap.
2013-08-26 philippAdded comment how to debug with a non-minified version...
2013-08-26 philippAdded formal definition of the <wrmap> format.
2013-08-09 philippFixed an error in the example.
2013-08-09 philippAdded realistic examples.
2013-08-04 philippGeoJSON is used now by the .php scripts to embed the...
2013-07-31 philippBoth, wrmap and wrgmap tags are parsed now.
2013-07-31 philippChanged (only) whitespace.
2013-02-23 philippRelease of version 2.1.1.
2012-12-16 philippMerged change r1242: No mouse wheel zoom.
2012-12-16 philippFixed whitespace.
2012-12-16 philippThe sledrun condition is now shown in the sledrun popup.
2012-12-10 philippIncluded the google.css style to improve visual appearance.
2012-12-10 philippHuge changes: Using OpenLayers with Google Maps v3...
2011-02-09 philippThe extension uses version 1.4 of the wrsledruncache...
2009-02-01 philippRemoved the wrmap tag, that is not needed anymore ...
2009-02-01 philippCorrected version information and updated links to...
2009-02-01 philippChanged WrMap to use WrCommon.
2008-12-20 philippFirst version of wrgmap tag - I am sure that it contain...
2008-11-22 philippFirst version of overview map generator. It is not...