2021-01-16 Philipp SpitzerAdd polyfill for Internet Explorer.
2021-01-16 Philipp SpitzerSwitch back to OpenLayers version 6.4.3 due to Internet...
2021-01-11 Philipp SpitzerDelete old OpenLayers folder.
2021-01-11 Philipp SpitzerPage and map scrolling work both now satisfying.
2021-01-11 Philipp SpitzerRemove "dead" code that intended to support the mobile...
2021-01-11 Philipp SpitzerAdd mobile target.
2021-01-11 Philipp SpitzerAdd WTMS VAO Ausland.
2021-01-07 Philipp SpitzerAdd attributions for
2021-01-07 Philipp Spitzer"in" operator doesn't work with content of array.
2021-01-07 Philipp SpitzerUse simplified polygon of Austria for map selection.
2021-01-06 Philipp SpitzerHelper script to create a simplified, inner WKT of...
2021-01-05 Philipp SpitzerUse gray background map.
2021-01-05 Philipp SpitzerUse different background map based on location.
2021-01-05 Philipp SpitzerSwitch to
2021-01-05 Philipp SpitzerMove layer_map down in source code.
2021-01-03 Philipp SpitzerPrepare usage of
2021-01-03 Philipp SpitzerMake popup smaller.
2021-01-03 Philipp SpitzerHighlight selected items.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerRemove comment.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerRename style_function_selected to style_function_highlight.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerReplace var with let.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerRemove comment.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerAdd shadows below markers.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerOnly show popups if they are not empty.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerSupply image min-height to prevent defunct autoPan.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerNew syntax for overlay autoPan.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerRemove big gap in popup.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerAvoid usage of innerHTML.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerRemove many comments.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerPopup now has sledrun info.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerPopup works again.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerSledrun names are shown without "Sledrun:" prefix.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerSledrun icons are shown in overview.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerUse "Select" interaction for selecting features.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerDon't need log message for hover.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerPrevent map zooming with mouse wheel.
2021-01-02 Philipp SpitzerChange OpenLayers version to 6.5.0.
2019-05-17 Philipp SpitzerMake wrmap.js compatible with jQuery v3.3.1 (no longer...
2018-11-13 Philipp SpitzerAdd .css for popups.
2018-10-23 Philipp SpitzerImplement simple popup.
2018-06-13 Philipp SpitzerImplement hover to show names.
2018-06-08 Philipp SpitzerAdd attribution.
2018-06-08 Philipp SpitzerFix links.
2018-05-28 Philipp SpitzerAdd basic style functions.
2018-05-26 Philipp SpitzerUse predefined projection.
2018-05-25 Philipp SpitzerDo reprojection.
2018-05-24 Philipp SpitzerAdd sledrun layer to map.
2018-05-24 Philipp SpitzerParsing GeoJSON works now.
2018-05-24 Philipp SpitzerGeoJSON requires type Feature with capital F.
2018-05-23 Philipp SpitzerCentered map shows up (but still get an exception).
2018-05-23 Philipp SpitzerRemove absolute URLs from extension.json.
2018-05-23 Philipp SpitzerAdd OpenLayers 4.6.5 debug CDN URLs.
2018-05-22 Philipp SpitzerAdd OpenLayers 4.6.5 support.
2018-05-22 Philipp SpitzerDisable functionality.
2018-05-22 Philipp SpitzerRemove old openlayers.
2018-05-22 Philipp SpitzerDisable Google Maps JavaScript module.
2018-05-22 Philipp SpitzerRemove unnecessary whitespace.
2018-05-22 Philipp SpitzerBump version number.
2017-01-23 philippChanged version to 3.4.2.
2017-01-17 philippWe don't need an explicit language.
2017-01-17 philippSwitched from Bing map to Google map.
2016-12-09 philippNow using OpenLayer version
2016-12-07 philippAdded crossOriginKeyword statement in Bing maps to...
2016-11-29 philippChanged version to 3.4.0.
2016-11-29 philippReplaced wrmap.php with extension.json.
2016-11-29 philippAdded extension.json created by convertExtensionToRegis...
2016-11-28 philippBump version number.
2016-11-28 philippRemove JavaScript Google Map API include as we don...
2016-11-28 philippAdded URL to the upstream bug report.
2015-11-22 philippSwitch to Bing maps since Google maps doesn't work...
2015-11-22 philippMade extension compatible with MobileFrontend extension.
2015-11-22 philippMention OpenTopoMap
2015-11-22 philippAdded a comment mentioning
2014-06-26 philippNow using i18n and translation.
2013-12-29 philippIncreased version number to 3.3.0.
2013-12-29 philippAdded new point type "verleih".
2013-12-29 philippCreated symbol for sled rental.
2013-12-29 philippReplaced symbol for "punkt".
2013-12-28 philippIncreased version number to 3.2.1.
2013-12-28 philippAdded a minimum width to the sledrun info popup so...
2013-12-05 philippChanged color of (unknown) lines to red.
2013-11-14 philippFixed marker filename generation for non-overview maps.
2013-11-14 philippNow using internal map marker images and no more files...
2013-11-14 philipp"Press down effect" on map icons.
2013-11-14 philippChange optional parameter usage to support browsers...
2013-11-14 philippNow map features are highlighted when the mouse moves...
2013-11-14 philippA selected icon has no more an opacity of 0.4.
2013-11-13 philippMap symbols needed by this extension should be included...
2013-11-04 philippIncreased the version number to 3.2.0.
2013-11-04 philippRemoved the ul element from the sledrun info box.
2013-11-04 philippNow an image is shown for sledruns at the overview...
2013-11-04 philippOmitted some quotes in javascript hashes.
2013-11-03 philippIncreased version number to 3.1.0.
2013-11-03 philippMap markers with a sledrun page in the wiki argument...
2013-11-03 philippAvoid double links to sledrun wiki pages.
2013-11-03 philippImages of inns are shown now if available.
2013-11-03 philippNow the thumbnail image is shown for foto entries.
2013-11-03 philippFor wiki pages representing an image, a new thumb_url...
2013-11-03 philippMoved global functions belonging to that extension...
2013-11-03 philippFixed typo in comment.