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[philipp/winterrodeln/mediawiki_extensions/wrreport.git] / i18n / en.json
1 {
2         "@metadata": {
3                 "authors": []
4         },
5         "wrreport": "Sledrun Reports",
6         "wrreport-description": "Interprets the <report/> tag in sledrun pages and creates report summaries",
7         "wrreport-condition-select": "please select",
8         "wrreport-condition-1": "Very good",
9         "wrreport-condition-2": "Good",
10         "wrreport-condition-3": "Medium",
11         "wrreport-condition-4": "Bad",
12         "wrreport-condition-5": "Not possible",
13         "wrreport-condition-no": "no judgement",
14         "wrreport-date-today": "Today",
15         "wrreport-date-yesterday": "Yesterday",
16         "wrreport-date-2daysbefore": "2 days before",
17         "wrreport-date-3daysbefore": "3 days before",
18         "wrreport-date-4daysbefore": "4 days before",
19         "wrreport-newreport-sectionname": "Submit Entry",
20         "wrreport-newreport-summer": "<p><em>On this place the sledrun condition can be entered during the winter.</em></p>",
21         "wrreport-newreport-deny": "<p><em>Sledrun reports are not allowed at the moment.</em></p>",
22         "wrreport-newreport-loggedin": "<p><em>Only registered users are allowed to enter sledrun reports at the moment.</em></p>",
23         "wrreport-newreport-blacklist": "<p><em>For this sledrun, no sledrun reports may be entered at the moment.</em></p>",
24         "wrreport-newreport-blackliststrangers": "<p><em>For this sledrun, only registered users may enter a sledrun report at the moment.</em></p>",
25         "wrreport-newreport-pagenotfound": "The specified page was not found",
26         "wrreport-newreport-choosecondition": "Please choose a sledrun condition from the list.",
27         "wrreport-newreport-enterdescription": "Please specify a description.",
28         "wrreport-newreport-nohttp": "The word \"http\" is not allowed for non-registered users, because we had misuse in the past.",
29         "wrreport-newreport-enterauthor": "Please specify an author name (may also be an pseudonym, nickname or initials).",
30         "wrreport-newreport-authorused": "The used author name is the login name of another user and cannot be used as author name.",
31         "wrreport-newreport-authorlogin": "The used author name is the login name of wiki user and is not allowed for anonymous reports. If this is \"your\" username, please log in.",
32         "wrreport-newreport-alreadysaved": "The sledrun report was already saved.",
33         "wrreport-newreport-new": "New",
34         "wrreport-newreport-please": "Please enter",
35         "wrreport-newreport-date": "Date of sledrun tour",
36         "wrreport-newreport-time": "Time of going down (ca)",
37         "wrreport-newreport-condition": "Sledrun condition",
38         "wrreport-newreport-description": "description",
39         "wrreport-newreport-author": "Author",
40         "wrreport-newreport-submit": "Submit report",
41         "wrreport-newreport-next": "Next",
42         "wrreport-newreport-preview": "Preview",
43         "wrreport-newreport-save": "Save",
44         "wrreport-newreport-preview-top": "== Preview (''not saved yet'') ==",
45         "wrreport-newreport-preview-middle": "== Save or change ==",
46         "wrreport-newreport-preview-bottom": "",
47         "wrreport-newreport-preview-bottom-loggedin": "",
48         "wrreport-newreport-preview-bottom-anonymous": "",
49         "wrreport-newreport-success": "<div class=\"successbox\">The sledrun report for $1 was saved successfully.</div>",
50         "wrreport-deletereport-tablesummary": "Form to delete a sledrun report",
51         "wrreport-deletereport-reason": "Reason",
52         "wrreport-deletereport-name": "Name",
53         "wrreport-deletereport-delete": "Delete",
54         "wrreport-deletereport-deleted": "Deleted",
55         "wrreport-deletereport-noreport": "No report was chosen for deletion",
56         "wrreport-deletereport-invalid": "An invalid report was chosen for deletion.",
57         "wrreport-deletereport-alreadydeleted": "The specified report is already deleted.",
58         "wrreport-deletereport-deny": "Deletion of reports is not allowed at the moment.",
59         "wrreport-deletereport-loggedin": "Only registered users may delete sledrun reports at the moment.",
60         "wrreport-deletereport-incomplete": "A reason and a name have to be given.",
61         "wrreport-deletereport-preview-before": "Please only delete a report for very good reasons like\n* flamewar (we want to do sledrun reports not person reports)\n* spam or advertisments.\n\n== Sledrun report in question ==\n",
62         "wrreport-deletereport-preview-after": "\n\n== Preview (not deleted yet) ==\n",
63         "wrreport-deletereport-preview-form": "== Delete ==\nThe reason does not occur in normal lists but is useful for administrators.",
64         "wrreport-deletereport-preview-bottom": "",
65         "wrreport-deletereport-success": "<div class=\"successbox\">The sledrun report for $1 was deleted successfully.</div>",
66         "wrreport-reports-sectionname": "Entries",
67         "wrreport-reports-none": "<p><em>No reports were found in the database.</em></p>",
68         "wrreport-reports-date-trip": "Trip",
69         "wrreport-reports-date-entry": "Entry",
70         "wrreport-reports-action": "Action",
71         "wrreport-sledrun": "sledrun",
72         "wrreport-sledrun-information": "Information",
73         "wrreport-sledrun-walkuptime": "Walk Time",
74         "wrreport-sledrun-height": "Altitude",
75         "wrreport-sledrun-length": "Length",
76         "wrreport-bahnenregiontabelle-toomanyarguments": "Only one argument at once is allowed.",
77         "wrreport-bahnenregiontabelle-thispagenoregion": "The current page is no region or the region was not found in the region table of the database.",
78         "wrreport-bahnenregiontabelle-pagenoregion": "The specified page is no region or the region was not found in the region table of the database.",
79         "wrreport-bahnenregiontabelle-noregionid": "The specified region ID was not found in the region table of the database.",
80         "wrreport-bahnenregiontabelle-noregionname": "The specified region name was not found in the region table of the database.",
81         "wrreport-bahnenregiontabelle-invalidargument": "The argument $1 is not allowed.",
82         "wrreport-bahnenregiontabelle-error": "The following error occurred at the <bahnenregiontabelle> tag: $1",
83         "wrreport-rodelbahntabelle-error": "The following error occurred while parsing <rodelbahntabelle>: $1",
84         "wrreport-rodelbahntabelle-invalid-xml": "XML could not be parsed: $1",
85         "wrreport-rodelbahntabelle-textbetweenelements": "Unknown text was found between the subelements: \"$1\"",
86         "wrreport-rodelbahntabelle-invalid-element": "The element <$1> is not allowed.",
87         "wrreport-rodelbahntabelle-invalid-attribute-name": "The attribute \"$2\" of element <$1> is not allowed.",
88         "wrreport-rodelbahntabelle-invalid-attribute-value": "The value \"$3\" of attribute \"$2\" of element <$1> is not allowed.",
89         "wrreport-icon-sledrental": "Sled Rental",
90         "wrreport-icon-nightlight": "Light at Night",
91         "wrreport-icon-lift": "Help me get up",
92         "wrreport-icon-walkupnotpossible": "Walkup not possible",
93         "wrreport-icon-walkupseparate": "Walkup separate",
94         "wrreport-icon-publictransport": "Public transport",
95         "wrreport-avatar-nousername": "User name is missing in the <avatar> tag. You should use something like \"<avatar>MediawikiUser</avatar>\".",
96         "wrreport-avatar-invalidusername": "An invalid username is given in the <avatar> tag: \"$1\"",
97         "wrreport-avatar-userunknown": "The username given in the <avatar> tag is unknown: \"$1\"",
98         "wrreport-avatar-of": "Avatar of $1",
99         "wrreport-avatar-error": "Error in processing the <avatar> tag: $1"
100 }