Menu icons in mobile menu are shown again.
[philipp/winterrodeln/mediawiki_extensions/wrreport.git] / extension.json
2021-06-22 Philipp SpitzerMenu icons in mobile menu are shown again.
2020-01-02 philippAdd icons in MobileMenuHook.
2020-01-02 philippAdd mobile target for wrreport .css.
2019-12-22 philippAdd WrReportIntermapsValidDays configuration variable.
2019-12-22 philippImplement $wgWrReportEnableIntermaps configuration.
2019-12-22 philippChange URL link to https.
2019-05-27 philippAvoid deprecated hook LanguageGetSpecialPageAliases.
2018-11-20 philippncreased the version number to 3.1.0.
2018-11-20 philippAdd menu entry "Regionen".
2018-02-05 philippIncrease the version number to 3.0.2.
2017-01-23 philippIncreased the version number to 3.0.1.
2016-12-05 philippIncrease version number.
2016-12-05 philippRemoved wrreport.php - now the new extension.json syste...
2016-12-05 philippRenamed wrreport.body.php to wrreport_body.php.
2016-12-05 philippAdded extension.json created by convertExtensionToRegis...