Change protocol in description to https.
[philipp/winterrodeln/mediawiki_extensions/wrreport.git] / wrreport_body.php
2019-12-22 philippChange protocol in description to https.
2019-12-22 philippImplement $wgWrReportEnableIntermaps configuration.
2019-12-22 philippAdd date in open/closed text.
2019-12-22 philippOuter join was the wrong way round...
2019-12-22 philippopened -> open.
2019-12-22 philippWhitespace corrections.
2019-12-22 philippWork on supporting Intermaps.
2019-12-22 philippChange DB_SLAVE (deprecated) to DB_REPLICA.
2019-11-21 philippUse in_array(...) instead of array_key_exists(...)...
2019-11-19 philippRemove begin/commit calls in wrUpdateWrReportCacheTable...
2019-05-27 philippChange type of MenuBuilder to avoid an exception.
2019-05-27 philippDon't initialize translations of conditions at initiali...
2019-05-27 philippAvoid deprecated hook LanguageGetSpecialPageAliases.
2019-05-27 philippReplace deprecated Title::escapeFragmentForURL by Sanit...
2018-11-20 philippStyling input boxes.
2018-11-20 philippStyle delete button.
2018-11-20 philippStyle preview and submit buttons.
2018-11-20 philippRemove "use MobileFrontend\MenuBuilder".
2018-11-20 philippRemove "Random" page in mobile menu.
2018-11-20 philippAdd menu entry "Regionen".
2018-11-20 philippReplace $output->addWikiText by $output->addWikiMsg...
2018-11-20 philippInitialize $wgParser to avoid error messages.
2018-11-20 philippUse typed arguments for parser hooks.
2018-11-20 philippUse user from parser instead of global variable.
2018-11-20 philippUse clearer code to distinguish logged in users from...
2018-11-20 philippAdd static keyword to avoid deprecation warning in...
2018-02-05 philippUse https for fetching the avatar.
2017-01-23 philippNow using page_id to display reports. This avoids that...
2016-12-05 philippAdded "required" to condition and description.
2016-12-05 philippIntroduced "Next" instead of "Preview & Save".
2016-12-05 philippRemoved wrreport.php - now the new extension.json syste...
2016-12-05 philippRenamed wrreport.body.php to wrreport_body.php.