2021-10-09 Philipp SpitzerAdd note on what to do if a new database is created. master
2021-08-22 Philipp SpitzerDon't use files from server directory /vorlagen/ -...
2021-06-22 Philipp SpitzerUpdate extension.json to version 2 with "updateExtensio...
2021-06-22 Philipp SpitzerMenu icons in mobile menu are shown again.
2021-06-22 Philipp SpitzerRepair mobile menu (icons not shown yet).
2021-06-13 Philipp SpitzerReplace OutputPage::addWikiText() with OutputPage:...
2021-06-13 Philipp SpitzerDescribe changes needed for Unicode support.
2020-01-02 Philipp SpitzerLinks documenting Unicode improvements.
2020-01-02 philippAdd icons in MobileMenuHook.
2020-01-02 philippAdd menu icon for "regions".
2020-01-02 philippAdd menu icon for "new reports".
2020-01-02 philippAdd mobile target for wrreport .css.
2019-12-30 philippUpdate css class of region menu entry.
2019-12-30 philippAdd "new reports" menu entry.
2019-12-27 philippRename css class to wrtooltiproot and include css in...
2019-12-27 philippChange structure to enable .css for tooltip.
2019-12-22 philippDon't show "unknown" sledrun state anymore.
2019-12-22 philippAdd WrReportIntermapsValidDays configuration variable.
2019-12-22 philippChange protocol in description to https.
2019-12-22 philippImplement $wgWrReportEnableIntermaps configuration.
2019-12-22 philippAdd date in open/closed text.
2019-12-22 philippOuter join was the wrong way round...
2019-12-22 philippopened -> open.
2019-12-22 philippWhitespace corrections.
2019-12-22 philippWork on supporting Intermaps.
2019-12-22 philippChange DB_SLAVE (deprecated) to DB_REPLICA.
2019-12-22 philippChange URL link to https.
2019-11-21 philippUse in_array(...) instead of array_key_exists(...)...
2019-11-19 philippRemove begin/commit calls in wrUpdateWrReportCacheTable...
2019-05-27 philippChange type of MenuBuilder to avoid an exception.
2019-05-27 philippDon't initialize translations of conditions at initiali...
2019-05-27 philippAvoid deprecated hook LanguageGetSpecialPageAliases.
2019-05-27 philippReplace deprecated Title::escapeFragmentForURL by Sanit...
2018-11-20 philippncreased the version number to 3.1.0.
2018-11-20 philippStyling input boxes.
2018-11-20 philippStyle delete button.
2018-11-20 philippStyle preview and submit buttons.
2018-11-20 philippRemove "use MobileFrontend\MenuBuilder".
2018-11-20 philippRemove "Random" page in mobile menu.
2018-11-20 philippAdd menu entry "Regionen".
2018-11-20 philippReplace $output->addWikiText by $output->addWikiMsg...
2018-11-20 philippInitialize $wgParser to avoid error messages.
2018-11-20 philippUse typed arguments for parser hooks.
2018-11-20 philippUse user from parser instead of global variable.
2018-11-20 philippUse clearer code to distinguish logged in users from...
2018-11-20 philippAdd static keyword to avoid deprecation warning in...
2018-02-05 philippIncrease the version number to 3.0.2.
2018-02-05 philippUse https for fetching the avatar.
2017-01-23 philippIncreased the version number to 3.0.1.
2017-01-23 philippNow using page_id to display reports. This avoids that...
2016-12-05 philippIncrease version number.
2016-12-05 philippAdded "required" to condition and description.
2016-12-05 philippIntroduced "Next" instead of "Preview & Save".
2016-12-05 philippRemoved wrreport.php - now the new extension.json syste...
2016-12-05 philippRenamed wrreport.body.php to wrreport_body.php.
2016-12-05 philippAdded extension.json created by convertExtensionToRegis...
2015-03-16 philippUsing "markerType" = "nowiki" to prevent modification...
2015-03-16 philippRemoved table summary after checking with validator...
2015-03-16 philippReplaced 'cols="50"' and 'size="30"' by 'class="fullwid...
2014-09-17 philippIncreased the version number to 2.9.4.
2014-09-17 philippFixed bug: "Undefined variable: form"
2014-06-26 philippIncreased version number to 2.9.3.
2014-06-26 philippRemoved legacy support.
2014-06-26 philippConvert messages to the JSON format by using the mainte...
2014-01-29 philippIncreased version number to 2.9.2.
2014-01-29 philippFixed: Now titles with spaces are not treated as non...
2014-01-27 philippIncreased version number to 2.9.1.
2014-01-27 philippFixed bug: Attribute in_arbeit of <rodelbahn> was ignored.
2014-01-16 philippChanged version number to 2.9.0.
2014-01-16 philippAdded web information to the sledrun lists.
2014-01-15 philippOptimized quering sledruns for sledrun lists.
2014-01-15 philippIncreased version number to 2.8.0.
2014-01-15 philippImproved documentation.
2014-01-15 philippFixed parameter when displaying an error message.
2014-01-15 philippGerman translation of error messages.
2014-01-15 philippNow catching invalid XML errors.
2014-01-15 philippImplemented basic functionality. Not working smoothly...
2014-01-15 philippBasic support for displaying individual sledruns now.
2014-01-15 philippCreated basic structure for parsing <rodelbahntabelle>.
2014-01-15 philippDocumentation for <rodelbahntabelle/> (no implementatio...
2014-01-15 philippThe function getArticleId of Title is acutally called...
2013-11-26 philippIntroduced Exception type WrReportException.
2013-11-24 philippThe parameters of <bahnenregionentabelle> were changed...
2013-11-24 philippNow the <bahnenregiontabelle> tag accepts the parameter...
2013-11-18 philippNow the extension works with the wrregioncache table.
2013-11-16 philippBasic functionality of <bahnenregiontabelle> implemented.
2013-11-16 philippIntroduced new function getPageRegion.
2013-11-16 philippAdded scaffold for function bahnenregiontabelleParserHook.
2013-11-16 philippCreated own function to add the feed link.
2013-11-16 philippCreated own function to generate the HTML of the bahnta...
2013-11-16 philippCreated skeleton for new tag bahnenregiontabelle.
2013-11-16 philippIncreased version number to 2.7.0.
2013-11-16 philippAdded descriptions of the supported tags.
2013-11-03 philippIncreased version number to 2.6.3.
2013-11-03 philippPrevented a warning in PHP strict mode about a function...
2013-10-28 philippIncreased version number to 2.6.2.
2013-10-28 philippNow returning lowercase region names.
2013-10-28 philippReplaced direct German word 'Kategorie' by getNSText...
2013-10-27 philippImplemented showing region dependent feed on region...
2013-10-19 philippIncreased minor version number.