2021-06-22 Philipp SpitzerUpdate extension.json to version 2 with "updateExtensio... master
2021-06-12 philippReplace DB_SLAVE by DB_REPLICA.
2016-11-29 philippSet version number to 0.1.2.
2016-11-29 philippUse absolute URL for Facebook and Twitter.
2016-11-29 philippSearch $file_image only if corresponding $title_image...
2016-11-27 philippChanged version info to 0.1.1.
2016-11-27 philippFixed: JSON-LD was inserted twice.
2016-11-27 philippSet version number to 0.1.0.
2016-11-27 philippSplit phone number.
2016-11-27 philippEscaped Facebook Open Graph.
2016-11-27 philippEscape JSON in HTML.
2016-11-27 philippCreated dedicated function for each type of semantic...
2016-11-27 philippOmit info semantic information if sledrun is under...
2016-11-27 philippIntended lines in while loop.
2016-11-27 philippNow thumbnails are used for twitter and facebook.
2016-11-27 philippNow the image URL is taken from the title.
2016-11-27 philippNow (at least some) title specific data are shown.
2016-11-26 philippAdded a database query with an example page.
2016-11-26 philippAdded example of Facebook Open Graph META Tags.
2016-11-26 philippAdded example Twitter Summary Card to every page.
2016-11-26 philippAdded example JSON-LD to header of every page.
2016-11-26 philippAdded example of a sledrun in LD+JSON as comment.
2016-11-25 philippAdded trunk/branches/tags structure and added a boilerp...