Further work on wikitext template.
[philipp/winterrodeln/wradmin.git] / setup.py
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerUse flask_sqlalchemy to manage the database connection.
2020-10-23 Philipp SpitzerInclude auth files.
2020-10-23 Philipp SpitzerRequire wrpylib 0.7.0.
2020-10-23 Philipp SpitzerIncrease version to 2.2.0.
2020-06-22 Philipp SpitzerPrepare to restrict access to administrators
2019-10-25 philippDeploy the auth sub-package as well.
2019-10-25 philippAdd mysqlclient as dependency.
2019-05-10 philippImplement authentification but don't enforce it yet.
2019-05-10 philippRemove unused import in setup.py.
2019-05-10 philippChange Winterrodeln URL to https in setup.py.
2019-05-10 philippFlask is a dependency now.
2017-12-28 philippBump version string.
2017-12-27 philippRemove Genshi dependency in setup.py.
2017-12-27 philippAdd package data in setup.py.
2017-07-27 philipprodelbahn_list is rendered now.
2017-07-27 philippStart to use flask instead of pylons.
2017-07-27 philippChanged some dependencies - however I realized that...
2017-07-27 philippChanged version info to 2.0.0.
2016-10-20 philippBump version number.
2015-04-01 philippLimit webob version to versions below 1.4 to prevent...
2014-04-04 philippIncreased version to 1.5.0.
2013-11-02 philippIncluded table wrreportcache so that an error about...
2012-12-04 philippChanged version to 1.4.7.
2012-02-07 philippAdditional cleanup.