2021-08-07 Philipp SpitzerFurther work on wikitext template. master
2021-08-06 Philipp SpitzerFurther work on wikitext template for sledrun.
2021-08-06 Philipp SpitzerHandle new, different way to specify an empty LonLat.
2021-08-04 Philipp SpitzerFurther improve wikitext template.
2021-07-26 Philipp SpitzerWork on "Buttonleiste".
2021-07-26 Philipp SpitzerBreak multiline.
2021-07-26 Philipp SpitzerStart creating render view of sledrun-JSON.
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerAdd link to edit sledrun JSON.
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerTemporarily deactivate translation as long as {{0}...
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerAdd links to JSON editing services for sledruns.
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerJson is now loaded with Ajax.
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerAllow to JSON-edit a sledrun.
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerRename sledding in sledrun.
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerMention charset and language in HTML metadata.
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerUse https for Winterrodeln and Google Links.
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerOptimize imports.
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerAdd a requirements.txt file with "pip freeze > requirem...
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerFix invalid escape characters.
2021-02-21 Philipp SpitzerUse flask_sqlalchemy to manage the database connection.
2020-10-23 Philipp SpitzerDo not require admin permissions for updating sledruns.
2020-10-23 Philipp SpitzerInclude auth files.
2020-10-23 Philipp SpitzerRequire wrpylib 0.7.0.
2020-10-23 Philipp SpitzerIncrease version to 2.2.0.
2020-09-29 Philipp SpitzerNow only members of sysop group are admins.
2020-09-29 Philipp SpitzerMake table user_groups available.
2020-09-29 Philipp SpitzerUpdate tests to work with admin requirements.
2020-09-29 Philipp SpitzerAllow Johndoe to be admin for now to make tests work.
2020-09-29 Philipp SpitzerRequire login and use return code 403 if admin permissi...
2020-09-29 Philipp SpitzerPEP8 improvements.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerInsert testdb.sql as raw SQL.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerAdd table user_groups to testdb.sql.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerDirectly describe in which data to insert.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerAdd table wrreportcache to testdb.sql.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerDon't delete user 0.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerOptimize order of delete from statement.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerMention show tables command.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerQuote table names.
2020-06-29 Philipp SpitzerWrite directly into testdb.sql.
2020-06-28 Philipp SpitzerRemove comment about "foreign key constraint fails".
2020-06-28 Philipp SpitzerChange order of tables.
2020-06-26 Philipp SpitzerDescribe how to create the test database.
2020-06-26 Philipp SpitzerUpdate table structure.
2020-06-22 Philipp SpitzerPrepare to restrict access to administrators
2020-06-22 Philipp SpitzerRaise a ValueError in case of unkown password format.
2020-06-22 Philipp SpitzerMake use of markdown syntax highlighting.
2020-06-22 Philipp SpitzerRename readme.txt to
2020-06-12 Philipp SpitzerRemove shebang in several files.
2019-11-29 Philipp SpitzerWhitespace cosmetics.
2019-11-29 Philipp SpitzerNow the tests pass - MwUser class had to be modified.
2019-11-29 Philipp SpitzerAdd table user to test data.
2019-10-25 Philipp SpitzerMention FLASK_ENV=development in readme.txt.
2019-10-25 Philipp SpitzerFurther work on tests...
2019-10-25 Philipp SpitzerStart working on implementing login in tests.
2019-10-25 Philipp SpitzerAdd test to require authentification at Bericht view.
2019-10-25 Philipp SpitzerRequire login for bericht.
2019-10-25 philippDescribe deployment in readme file.
2019-10-25 philippDeploy the auth sub-package as well.
2019-10-25 philippImplement update_wrreportcache functionality via GUI.
2019-10-25 philippImplement update_wrmapcache functionality from GUI.
2019-10-25 philippAdd mysqlclient as dependency.
2019-05-14 philippAdd test case with umlaut for password check.
2019-05-10 philippRemove unused internationalization files.
2019-05-10 philippImplement authentification but don't enforce it yet.
2019-05-10 philippRemove obsolete tests and fix existing tests.
2019-05-10 philippRemove unused import in
2019-05-10 philippChange Winterrodeln URL to https in
2019-05-10 philippUpdate function password_is_correct to work with Python 3.
2019-05-10 philippMove password_is_correct to auth module.
2019-05-10 philippCreate a readme file.
2019-05-10 philippFlask is a dependency now.
2019-05-10 philippNow the failure mode when updating sledruns is tested...
2019-05-10 philippNow the failure mode when updating inns is tested as...
2019-05-10 philippMake MediaWiki table text available for ORM.
2017-12-28 philippFixed: Avoid calling function to_title (that was rename...
2017-12-28 philippBump version string.
2017-12-27 philippRemove Genshi dependency in
2017-12-27 philippRename wradmin.genshi to wradmin.template_helper.
2017-12-27 philippAdjust tests: Now all tests are passing.
2017-12-27 philippRemove function render_genshi_template.
2017-12-27 philippcoordtool.html now uses jinja2.
2017-12-27 philippRemoved unused map controller/template.
2017-12-27 philippgasthaus_view.html now uses jinja2.
2017-12-27 philippbericht_view.html now uses jinja2.
2017-12-27 philipprodelbahn_view.html now uses jinja2.
2017-12-27 philippReplace single by triple quotes in docstring.
2017-12-27 philippgasthaus_list.html now uses jinja2.
2017-12-27 philippbericht_list.html now uses jinja2.
2017-12-27 philipprodelbahn_list.html now uses jinja2.
2017-12-27 philippindex.html now uses jinja2 master.html.
2017-12-27 philippChange to jinja2: index.html is now rendered with jinja...
2017-12-27 philippAdd package data in
2017-11-02 philippFixed: Modified report was not saved. Now all tests...
2017-11-02 philippAdd test_bericht_change_date_invalid_userdefined.
2017-11-02 philippAdd test_bericht_change_date_invalid_twoweeks.
2017-11-02 philippAdd test_coordtool_convert_error.
2017-11-02 philippAdd test_coordtool_convert_ok.
2017-11-01 philippFollow redirects in tests that test update functions.
2017-11-01 philippAdd table wrregioncache to test data.
2017-11-01 philippAdd table text to test data.
2017-11-01 philippAdd table revision to test data.