This change causes table wrregion not to be empty after import.
[philipp/winterrodeln/wrfeed.git] / wrfeed /
2017-07-23 philippAdd basic unittests.
2017-07-23 philippUpdate usage comments.
2017-07-23 philippFix import statement.
2017-07-23 philippMake app available on package level as suggested in...
2017-07-23 philippMove index.html from public to templates.
2017-07-23 philippRemove unused files.
2017-07-23 philippThe flask version of wrfeed is basically working now.
2017-07-23 philippMake flask serve the static root file.
2017-07-23 after running
2017-07-23 philippFlask "hello world"
2013-10-27 philippAdded comment for region processing.
2013-10-27 philippAdditional filtering to compensate lack of support...
2013-10-27 philippGenerating the feed for a region is basically implemented.
2013-10-27 philippMade SQL generation in function create_feed more flexible.
2013-10-27 philippMore realistic URL example in docstrings.
2013-06-29 philippThe google bot used the URL
2013-04-17 philippMerged MediaWiki version 1.19.5.
2011-06-26 philippAdded "wr:report" line to feed entry with winterrodeln...
2011-06-25 philippReplaced table name wrsleddingcache with wrsleddingcache.
2011-01-05 philippAdded (mandatory) configuration parameter "feedentrylim...
2010-12-22 philippIntroduced georss and fixed some validation errors.
2010-12-22 philippMade the template for the deployment.ini more project...
2010-12-22 philippChanged the default index.html file to a project specif...
2010-12-20 philippReplaced URL /feeds/* by /feed/* (see ticket #64).
2010-10-27 philippRenamed feed module in wrfeed (however, the URL stays...