More realistic URL example in docstrings.
[philipp/winterrodeln/wrfeed.git] / wrfeed / controllers /
2013-10-27 philippMore realistic URL example in docstrings.
2013-06-29 philippThe google bot used the URL
2011-06-26 philippAdded "wr:report" line to feed entry with winterrodeln...
2011-06-25 philippReplaced table name wrsleddingcache with wrsleddingcache.
2011-01-05 philippAdded (mandatory) configuration parameter "feedentrylim...
2010-12-22 philippIntroduced georss and fixed some validation errors.
2010-12-20 philippReplaced URL /feeds/* by /feed/* (see ticket #64).
2010-10-27 philippRenamed feed module in wrfeed (however, the URL stays...