Add Bavaria.
[philipp/winterrodeln/wrpylib.git] / tests /
2017-01-27 philippAdded more test cases to TestWikipage.test_from_str...
2017-01-27 philippAdded more tests to TestOptWikipageEnum.test_from_str...
2017-01-27 philippAdded further test in TestUrl.test_from_str.
2017-01-27 philippFixed typos in test titles.
2017-01-24 philippConverted encoding to UTF-8.
2016-10-11 philippAdded further tests for wrvalidators module.
2016-02-02 philippConverted encoding from ISO8859-15 to UTF-8.
2016-02-02 philippChanged the implementation of value_comment_from_str...
2016-02-02 philippAdded pulbic transport test.
2016-02-02 philippAdded avalanches tests.
2016-02-02 philippFixed TestChoice: test_ was missing before the from_str...
2016-02-02 philippImplemented test for bool_germen_from/to_german.
2016-02-02 philippImplemented some missing test cases.
2016-02-02 philippImplemented Gasthausbox converter and test.
2016-02-02 philippFixed tests that failed because of missing parameters.
2016-02-02 philippRe-enabled test that failed for masked email addresses.
2016-02-02 philippMoved the expected value to first position in assertion...
2016-02-02 philippReorder tests.
2016-02-02 philippReordered functions.
2016-02-02 philippImplemented wikipage converter.
2016-02-02 philippIntroduced opt_uint_converter converter and implemented...
2016-02-02 philippImplemented emails converter.
2016-02-02 philippRemoved unused TestConverter.
2016-02-02 philippImplemented masked_email.
2016-02-02 philippRemove print from TestEmail.
2016-02-02 philippFixup for E-Mail converter.
2016-02-02 philippImplemented E-Mail converter.
2016-02-02 philippIntermediate commit
2015-05-23 philippReplaced shebang line from python2.7 to python3.4.
2015-05-23 philippModifications done by "2to3-3.4 -w -n".
2015-03-31 philippNow the tests are using the unittest module.
2014-03-17 philippAdded test to GasthausboxDictValidator.
2014-03-10 philippAdded a test to OrderedSchema.
2014-03-08 philippNow RodelbahnDictValidator keeps order of fields.
2014-03-08 philippRenamed RodelbahnboxValidator to RodelbahnboxDictValidator.
2014-03-08 philippAdded a RodelbahnboxValidator
2013-04-21 philippChanged DictValidator so that long and int datatypes...
2013-04-21 philippAdded test_GermanPublicTransport.
2013-04-20 philippMade comments for every validator that is not tested...
2013-04-20 philippFixed "typo": tes_GermanTristateFloat -> test_GermanTri...
2012-02-08 philippIntroduced "MaskedEmail" and allow a masked email in...
2011-11-27 philippAdapted test to new behavior.
2011-01-31 philippCopied the validators from wradmin.