Updated parse_wrmap to accept normal strings.
[philipp/winterrodeln/wrpylib.git] / wrpylib / mwapi.py
2017-01-24 philippConverted encoding to UTF-8.
2017-01-24 philippRemoved unnecessary lines.
2016-10-11 philippRenamed to_title to dbkay_to_title and improved docstring.
2015-05-23 philippReplaced shebang line from python2.7 to python3.4.
2015-05-23 philippModifications done by "2to3-3.4 -w -n".
2013-04-21 philippRelease of version 0.1.0.
2012-08-12 philippTypo in documentation. No functional change.
2011-01-31 philippAdded a test for wrmwmarkup.py and adjusted the module.
2011-01-31 philippCopied the validators from wradmin.