The order of XML attributes is now retained.
[philipp/winterrodeln/wrpylib.git] / wrpylib /
2021-09-29 Philipp SpitzerMention package name in some imports.
2021-09-29 Philipp SpitzerRemove unused imports.
2021-02-12 Philipp SpitzerDeactivate Bavaria and Switzerland.
2021-02-12 Philipp SpitzerAdd Bavaria.
2021-02-11 Philipp SpitzerAdd DEM Switzerland.
2021-02-11 Philipp SpitzerImplement bounding box check.
2021-02-09 Philipp SpitzerImplement DEM for South Tyrol.
2021-01-26 Philipp SpitzerFix nodata results.
2021-01-25 Philipp SpitzerCreate module wrdem and script get_elevation.