3 days ago Philipp SpitzerNähere Details zu Rodelverleihs. master
11 days ago Philipp SpitzerAdd days of night light to sledrun description.
2022-07-21 Philipp SpitzerDon't omit walkup_note in Rodelbahnbox.
2022-07-21 Philipp SpitzerAdd script to remove unnecessary night light and sledru...
2022-07-21 Philipp SpitzerUpdate structure of sledrun_json_edit.
2022-07-20 Philipp SpitzerShow note regarding phone.
2022-07-16 Philipp SpitzerParse "sledrun list" even if heading is not quoted.
2022-07-16 Philipp SpitzerParse "see also" links even if heading is not quoted.
2022-07-15 Philipp SpitzerAvoid having the public transport line label printed...
2022-07-15 Philipp SpitzerImprove automatic parsing of car-distances.
2022-07-15 Philipp SpitzerFix typo in filename.
2022-07-13 Philipp SpitzerRemove NoRedirectBot as parent to prevent a deprecation...
2022-07-12 Philipp SpitzerTake field "nightlight_weekdays" into account.
2022-07-12 Philipp SpitzerPrint "Nein" if there is no operator.
2022-07-12 Philipp SpitzerAllow bus stops with name instead of municipality and...
2022-07-11 Philipp SpitzerWhitespace changes.
2022-07-11 Philipp SpitzerPrevent empty sled rental with comment.
2022-07-11 Philipp SpitzerUse a default description if no public transport is...
2022-07-03 Philipp SpitzerAdd more context to the diff.
2022-07-03 Philipp SpitzerIf a gastronomy has a link without text, put the link...
2022-07-03 Philipp SpitzerIf a sled rental has a link without text, put the link...
2022-07-03 Philipp SpitzerInclude wr_page and weblink in template.
2022-07-03 Philipp SpitzerInclude gastronomy_description in output.
2022-06-16 Philipp SpitzerUpdate summary text.
2022-06-16 Philipp SpitzerFine-tune parsing of "see also".
2022-06-14 Philipp SpitzerFine-tune parsing of gastronomy.
2022-06-12 Philipp SpitzerAdd 'tiroler_naturrodelbahn_gütesiegel' to 'Buttonleiste'.
2022-06-12 Philipp SpitzerFine-tune parsing of 'Tiroler Naturrodelbahn Gütesiegel'.
2022-06-12 Philipp SpitzerShow more info for public transport lines.
2022-06-11 Philipp SpitzerConsider sled_rental_direct == true as having a sled...
2022-06-11 Philipp SpitzerAdd comment for walkup time to template.
2022-06-11 Philipp SpitzerCreate script update_sledrun_json_from_wikitext_walkup_...
2022-06-11 Philipp SpitzerParse public transport SVV.
2022-06-11 Philipp SpitzerParse "freizeitticket_tyrol" and "regio_card_tyrol".
2022-06-11 Philipp SpitzerCorrectly use whitespace between parts of gastronomy...
2022-06-11 Philipp SpitzerConsider existing "operator" as has_operator.
2022-06-11 Philipp SpitzerOmit forum_id if it is not given.
2022-06-09 Philipp SpitzerDetails for sled rental and newline tuning for public...
2022-06-08 Philipp SpitzerContinuation is supported - all sledrun JSON is now...
2022-06-08 Philipp SpitzerStart to create (currently...
2022-06-07 Philipp SpitzerAdd correction_name in output.
2022-06-07 Philipp SpitzerAdjust whitespace for public transport.
2022-06-06 Philipp SpitzerAdd functionality to parse feratel data.
2022-06-06 Philipp SpitzerAdd temporary script to update correction data from...
2022-06-06 Philipp SpitzerTemporary helper scripts that won't be needed for long...
2022-06-06 Philipp SpitzerParse webcams.
2022-06-06 Philipp SpitzerAdd webcam to Buttonleiste.
2022-06-06 Philipp SpitzerFix bug preventing gastronomy from being added.
2022-06-06 Philipp SpitzerMove some functions to
2022-06-06 Philipp SpitzerCreate "Buttonleiste" with key_value_template.
2022-06-06 Philipp SpitzerOmit empty parameters in key/value templates.
2022-06-05 Philipp SpitzerAdjust some newlines/spacings.
2022-06-05 Philipp SpitzerRender "Tiroler Rodelbahn Gütesiegel"
2022-06-05 Philipp SpitzerFix typo in summary.
2022-06-05 Philipp SpitzerAdd possibility to render key/value type templates.
2022-06-05 Philipp SpitzerAvoid seeing differences that do not exist due to speci...
2022-06-05 Philipp SpitzerCreate map even if sledrun JSON exists.
2022-06-05 Philipp SpitzerSelect sledrun main pages to validate JSON.
2022-06-03 Philipp SpitzerFix line breaks for related sledruns.
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerParse correction_email.
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerAdd VVV has public transport option.
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerParse "Tiroler Naturrodelbahn Gütesiegel".
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerDon't add video URLs only consisting of whitespace.
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerOnly offer to add map if it exists.
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerGenerate correct "under construction" markup.
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerOnly add non-empty descriptions.
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerOnly add car description when it has a non-standard...
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerOnly add public transport description when it has a...
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerDon't add gastronomy only consisting of "...".
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerIgnore empty video URLs.
2022-05-22 Philipp SpitzerIgnore empty bus stop.
2022-05-21 Philipp SpitzerFix detecting entries under construction.
2022-05-20 Philipp SpitzerShow notes for public transport and parking.
2022-05-20 Philipp SpitzerAvoid that deleting "type" modifies the original json...
2022-03-18 Philipp SpitzerUse content model json when creating JSON pages.
2022-03-18 Philipp SpitzerFix parsing note for gastronomy.
2022-03-18 Philipp SpitzerSupport for "integer" schema type.
2022-03-18 Philipp SpitzerPrevent error by converting wikicode to string.
2022-03-18 Philipp SpitzerRename files for consistency.
2022-03-18 Philipp SpitzerUse strip_eol() to treat whitespace after generating...
2022-03-18 Philipp SpitzerCreate function strip_eol().
2022-03-15 Philipp SpitzerBetter parsing and displaying of gastronomy.
2022-03-15 Philipp SpitzerRename template sledrun_wiki to sledrun_wikitext.
2022-03-15 Philipp SpitzerReplace "comment" with "note" to make labeling more...
2022-03-15 Philipp SpitzerMake more use of function optional_set to simplify...
2022-03-15 Philipp SpitzerAdd functionality to actually save map and sledrun...
2022-03-15 Philipp SpitzerUse functions get_sledrun_description and optional_set.
2022-03-15 Philipp SpitzerCreate function optional_set.
2022-03-15 Philipp SpitzerCreate function get_sledrun_description.
2022-03-13 Philipp SpitzerRename bots for consistency.
2022-03-13 Philipp SpitzerSupport parsing info_web.
2022-03-13 Philipp SpitzerFix support for walkup_support comment.
2022-03-13 Philipp SpitzerUpdate requirements.txt file.
2022-03-13 Philipp SpitzerFix typo in docstring.
2022-03-13 Philipp SpitzerOptimize imports.
2022-03-13 Philipp SpitzerNow using comment for nightlight_possible.
2022-03-13 Philipp SpitzerRemove empty line in "see also".
2022-03-13 Philipp SpitzerAdd nightlight_weekdays_count and nightlight_weekdays_c...
2022-03-13 Philipp SpitzerFix type annotations for nightlightdays_from_str/nightl...
2022-01-23 Philipp SpitzerFix handling of empty coordinates.