2023-02-01 Philipp SpitzerNow showing walk distance and walk time for bus stops. master
2023-02-01 Philipp SpitzerMake public transport information more compact.
2023-01-18 Philipp SpitzerAdd bus frequency to public transport info.
2023-01-11 Philipp SpitzerImplement displaying time table templates for VVV.
2023-01-05 Philipp SpitzerIgnore more files.
2023-01-05 Philipp SpitzerMake used sledrun a command line parameter.
2023-01-05 Philipp SpitzerPrevent error for nonexistent stopLocationOrCoordLocation.
2023-01-04 Philipp SpitzerUse "line" instead of "name" and "display_number" in...
2023-01-04 Philipp SpitzerAllow empty arrival/departure board.
2023-01-04 Philipp SpitzerMove command line tools to dedicated module.
2023-01-04 Philipp SpitzerWorking on update public transport script.
2022-12-28 Philipp SpitzerAdd some whitespace.
2022-12-28 Philipp SpitzerImprove displaying public transport line origin/direction.
2022-12-28 Philipp SpitzerCreate Jinja filter "prepend".
2022-12-28 Philipp SpitzerCreate function public_transport_massage_stops with...
2022-12-28 Philipp SpitzerFirst attempt to better format public transport line...
2022-12-14 Philipp SpitzerList lines in bus stops.
2022-12-14 Philipp SpitzerProvide bus stop templates for VVT from JSON.
2022-12-02 Philipp SpitzerAvoid too long line.
2022-12-02 Philipp SpitzerAvoid semicolon in sled rental description in Rodelbahnbox.
2022-10-26 Philipp SpitzerUpdate requirements.txt.
2022-10-26 Philipp SpitzerImplement own input function.
2022-10-26 Philipp SpitzerImplement own diff function.
2022-10-26 Philipp SpitzerShow colored sledrun title.
2022-10-21 Philipp SpitzerMove map simplification to
2022-10-21 Philipp SpitzerCreate new script that only updates the changed pages.
2022-10-13 Philipp SpitzerAdd some sledruns to exception list.
2022-10-13 Philipp SpitzerImplement retry for VAO.
2022-10-10 Philipp SpitzerReduce number of queries to get the car distance list.
2022-10-05 Philipp SpitzerReset spatial filter to prevent side-effects.
2022-10-03 Philipp SpitzerOptimize existing car distances as well.
2022-09-27 Philipp SpitzerAdd missing requirement.
2022-09-27 Philipp SpitzerUpdate script names in
2022-09-27 Philipp SpitzerFinish script to update car distances.
2022-09-27 Philipp SpitzerFix typo in filename.
2022-09-22 Philipp SpitzerImprove checking for alternative names.
2022-09-22 Philipp SpitzerMatch more cities.
2022-09-22 Philipp SpitzerAdd script to fill column geonames of table wrcity.
2022-09-07 Philipp SpitzerExtract trip information from VAO response.
2022-09-07 Philipp SpitzerCall VAO.
2022-09-07 Philipp SpitzerStart to wrap VAO.
2022-09-07 Philipp SpitzerOnly open database once.
2022-09-07 Philipp SpitzerWorking on script to update car distances.
2022-08-30 Philipp SpitzerOnly simplify seldrun maps that are not already simplified.
2022-08-30 Philipp SpitzerMake use of new wrpylib.mwapi library.
2022-08-30 Philipp SpitzerAdd script
2022-08-30 Philipp SpitzerMake use of new function format_json().
2022-08-30 Philipp SpitzerAdd function format_json to ensure consistent formatting.
2022-08-30 Philipp SpitzerSpecify map properties "under_construction" and "simpli...
2022-08-30 Philipp SpitzerAdd script to update links.
2022-08-30 Philipp SpitzerAdd script to convert wrmap to geojson.
2022-08-30 Philipp SpitzerAdd missing point features.
2022-08-30 Philipp SpitzerAdd further description to wrgeojson format.
2022-08-22 Philipp SpitzerThe script can now assign staette_id values to guetesiegel.
2022-08-22 Philipp SpitzerPut rev_id in wrsledrunjsoncache.
2022-08-21 Philipp SpitzerWork on script to update the Gütesiegel information.
2022-08-21 Philipp SpitzerFix typo.
2022-08-20 Philipp SpitzerRename scripts to make naming more consistant.
2022-08-19 Philipp SpitzerStart to consitenly call Winterrodeln geojson wrgeojson.
2022-08-19 Philipp SpitzerRename files so that the geojson based Winterrodeln...
2022-08-17 Philipp SpitzerConvert wrgeojson map to wrgeojson map or wrmap.
2022-08-17 Philipp SpitzerIf ways are simplified, the default accuracy of 15...
2022-08-16 Philipp SpitzerSimplify sledrun when converting from geojson.
2022-08-16 Philipp SpitzerFix handling of no simplification.
2022-08-16 Philipp Spitzercreate script
2022-08-16 Philipp SpitzerList points before ways.
2022-08-16 Philipp SpitzerPEP8 improvements.
2022-08-16 Philipp SpitzerCreate a .gitignore file.
2022-08-16 Philipp SpitzerAdd some used packages to the requirements file.
2022-08-16 Philipp SpitzerIntroduce DeRefError exception when unable to de-refere...
2022-08-16 Philipp SpitzerSome PEP8 improvements.
2022-08-16 Philipp SpitzerRestructure
2022-08-15 Philipp SpitzerAdd function bool_type to library.
2022-08-15 Philipp SpitzerAdd type hints.
2022-08-15 Philipp SpitzerFurther improve formatting.
2022-08-15 Philipp SpitzerConvert some formatted strings to f-strings.
2022-08-15 Philipp SpitzerAvoid warnings and PEP errors.
2022-08-15 Philipp SpitzerCopy osm_to_wrmap from gis project (
2022-08-14 Philipp SpitzerCreate script query_sledrun_list.
2022-08-07 Philipp SpitzerNähere Details zu Rodelverleihs.
2022-07-30 Philipp SpitzerAdd days of night light to sledrun description.
2022-07-21 Philipp SpitzerDon't omit walkup_note in Rodelbahnbox.
2022-07-21 Philipp SpitzerAdd script to remove unnecessary night light and sledru...
2022-07-21 Philipp SpitzerUpdate structure of sledrun_json_edit.
2022-07-20 Philipp SpitzerShow note regarding phone.
2022-07-16 Philipp SpitzerParse "sledrun list" even if heading is not quoted.
2022-07-16 Philipp SpitzerParse "see also" links even if heading is not quoted.
2022-07-15 Philipp SpitzerAvoid having the public transport line label printed...
2022-07-15 Philipp SpitzerImprove automatic parsing of car-distances.
2022-07-15 Philipp SpitzerFix typo in filename.
2022-07-13 Philipp SpitzerRemove NoRedirectBot as parent to prevent a deprecation...
2022-07-12 Philipp SpitzerTake field "nightlight_weekdays" into account.
2022-07-12 Philipp SpitzerPrint "Nein" if there is no operator.
2022-07-12 Philipp SpitzerAllow bus stops with name instead of municipality and...
2022-07-11 Philipp SpitzerWhitespace changes.
2022-07-11 Philipp SpitzerPrevent empty sled rental with comment.
2022-07-11 Philipp SpitzerUse a default description if no public transport is...
2022-07-03 Philipp SpitzerAdd more context to the diff.
2022-07-03 Philipp SpitzerIf a gastronomy has a link without text, put the link...
2022-07-03 Philipp SpitzerIf a sled rental has a link without text, put the link...