2013-08-28 philippChanged create_wrmap to the new json definition. The...
2013-08-26 philippUpdated parse_googlemap but the test doesn't pass yet.
2013-08-26 philippChanged parse_wrmap to corresponding to the new definit...
2013-08-18 philippConverted numeric attributes to strings in create_wrmap...
2013-08-18 philippFixed test test_create_wrmap (an attribute in the test...
2013-08-15 philippStarted to implement function create_wrmap.
2013-08-15 philippAdded attribute checks when parsing wrmap.
2013-08-15 philippFixed error message (farbe->dicke).
2013-08-15 philippAdded check for color.
2013-08-15 philippImplemented parse_wrmap_coordinates.
2013-08-15 philippAdded implementation ideas to parse_wrmap_coordinates.
2013-08-15 philippFixed: The wrmap attributes for longitude/latitude...
2013-08-14 philippAdded parser functions for the new wrmap. However,...
2013-08-12 philippAdded test for parse_googlemap
2013-05-16 philippAdded tests to check for unicode types as return codes.
2013-05-11 philippAdded column delete_invisible to wrreport table.
2013-05-06 philippRelease of version 0.1.1.
2013-05-06 philippAdded foreign key to wrreportcache.
2013-05-03 philippCreated a foreign key relation to table wrsledruncache.
2013-04-21 philippRelease of version 0.1.0.
2013-04-21 philippAdded a definition for the mediawiki table "user".
2013-04-21 philippMinor change: Changed the order of the imports so that...
2013-04-21 philippChanged DictValidator so that long and int datatypes...
2013-04-21 philippAdded test_GermanPublicTransport.
2013-04-20 philippMade comments for every validator that is not tested...
2013-04-20 philippAdded column time_report to table wrreport.
2013-04-20 philippFixed "typo": tes_GermanTristateFloat -> test_GermanTri...
2013-02-13 philippAdded new path type: recommendedcarroute
2013-01-19 philippReleased version 0.0.21
2013-01-19 philippFixed bug: Added column operator to table wrinncache.
2012-08-12 philippReleased version 0.0.20.
2012-08-12 philippFixed: Space character was sometimes present before...
2012-08-12 philippTypo in documentation. No functional change.
2012-02-08 philippIntroduced "MaskedEmail" and allow a masked email in...
2011-12-03 philippAdded functions create_template_unsigned(), create_temp...
2011-11-27 philippAdapted test to new behavior.
2011-11-27 philippMoved wrpylib to its own trunk directory to allow taggi...
2011-11-27 philippVersion 0.0.17.
2011-11-27 philippUpdated the ValueComment validator so that the comment...
2011-11-22 philippFunctionality improvement and bugfix of
2011-11-06 philippUpdated comment.
2011-10-03 philippThe change of the wrreportcache table caused necessary...
2011-09-27 philippIncreased the version number after the last change.
2011-09-25 philippAdd text to the title if the text is given below the...
2011-09-25 philippChanged comments to that the file system path in the...
2011-07-03 philippThe wrmappathcache table is updated now.
2011-07-03 philippImplemented function update_wrmapcache.
2011-06-20 philippAdded support for table wrreportcache.
2011-04-01 philippFixed bug: Foreign key to old table name.
2011-02-14 philippFixed a bug the update_wrinncache function.
2011-02-14 philippAdded module wrmwcache to update the cache tables.
2011-02-13 philippRenamed mwwrdb to wrmwdb.
2011-02-13 philippAdded sqlalchemy table definitions.
2011-02-09 philippUsing setuptools.
2011-02-08 philippUsing a key size of 20 when creating a Rodelbahnbox.
2011-02-08 philippAdded optional parameter to specify the key length.
2011-02-08 philippFixed runtime error in wrvalidators.
2011-02-06 philippFixed bugs.
2011-02-04 philippGasthausbox conversion uses the new functions.
2011-02-04 philippAdded functions to generate and parse templates.
2011-01-31 philippAdded a test for and adjusted the module.
2011-01-31 philippCopied the validators from wradmin.
2011-01-31 philippAdded the skeleton of a python library to make the...