Fix typo in docs.
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2012-04-05 gregor herrmannFix typo in docs.
2012-03-21 gregor herrmannUpdate copyright years.
2011-08-15 gregor herrmannmention FrOSCon as an example (although it's not workin...
2011-07-10 Philipp SpitzerTuned the about dialog.
2011-06-27 Philipp SpitzerIncluded application version in the about dialog. This...
2011-06-23 gregor herrmannUpdate 'About' dialog.
2011-06-23 gregor herrmannIcons, part 2: replace fosdem/brain icons with ConfCler...
2010-04-14 kirilmasave output from updater QT designer
2010-03-03 uzakmatPreparing for release 0.4.1
2010-02-05 uzakmatalarm UTC/localtime fix
2010-02-03 uzakmatrelease information added for release 0.3
2010-01-30 pavelpachanged fosdem icon in about dialog to brain-alone...
2010-01-30 pavelpachanged copyright string
2010-01-29 pavelpamodified 'about' dialog
2010-01-28 pavelpaabout dialog
2010-01-27 pavelpamodified 'about application' dialog
2010-01-14 fortefrTesting svn, tabs added, misprint fixed
2010-01-13 pavelpaadded about dialog(s) - some modifications needed