TrackInsertException: make error message useful.
[toast/confclerk.git] / src / mvc / track.cpp
2017-08-27 gregor herrmannTrackInsertException: make error message useful.
2017-08-27 gregor herrmannTrackInsertException: correctly derive from OrmSqlExcep...
2017-01-21 gregor herrmannBump copyright years.
2015-01-20 gregor herrmannBump copyright year.
2014-09-11 gregor herrmannUpdate copyright notices.
2013-04-19 gregor herrmannbump copyright years
2012-06-12 gregor herrmannAdd Stefan as a copyright holder to source files, too.
2012-03-21 gregor herrmannUpdate copyright years.
2011-06-23 gregor herrmannAdd copyright to source.
2011-06-23 gregor herrmannUpdate GPL blurb in source files.
2011-06-23 Philipp SpitzerTracks are inserted now when importing new conferences.
2011-06-22 gregor herrmannInsert new field xid_conference into table track, room...
2010-02-02 uzakmatA header with the proper copyright/lincence statement...
2010-01-27 pavelparemoved headers from *.h and *.cpp
2010-01-25 korrcoroom view added - need to test it
2010-01-22 korrcocaching removed
2010-01-21 korrcoactivities tab implemented
2010-01-20 pavelpachanged 'Activity' -> 'Track'