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2012-06-12 gregor herrmannBump version after 0.5.5 release.
2012-06-12 gregor herrmannAdd release date in NEWS. 0.5.5
2012-06-12 gregor herrmannAdd more items to NEWS.
2012-06-12 gregor herrmannAdd items to NEWS.
2012-04-19 gregor herrmannUpdate NEWS with recent bug fixes.
2012-03-21 gregor herrmannAdd note about fixed bug to NEWS.
2011-09-14 gregor herrmannFix typo in NEWS.
2011-09-14 gregor herrmannbump version after release
2011-09-14 gregor herrmannAdd date to NEWS before release. 0.5.4
2011-09-12 gregor herrmannAdd NEWS items for upcoming 0.5.4 release.
2011-09-12 gregor herrmannAdd dates to all releases in NEWS.
2011-08-16 gregor herrmannbump version after release
2011-08-16 gregor herrmannRemove "TODO" from NEWS, a.k.a. prepare for release 0.5.3
2011-08-15 gregor herrmannUpdate NEWS.
2011-07-24 gregor herrmannAdd today button to date navigator.
2011-07-23 gregor herrmannbump version after release
2011-07-23 gregor herrmannPrepare NEWS before release of 0.5.2. 0.5.2
2011-07-14 gregor herrmannBump VERSION after release.
2011-07-13 gregor herrmannNEWS entry for 0.5.1 release.
2011-06-29 gregor herrmannBump version
2011-06-25 gregor herrmannAdd entries to NEWS file.
2011-06-23 gregor herrmannFirst round of documentation updates.
2010-02-03 uzakmatrelease information added for release 0.3
2010-02-02 uzakmatNEWS file update
2010-02-02 uzakmatNEWS file updated
2010-01-26 uzakmatAddition of files required by the GNU coding standard