* Add hooks for captcha in main user login form
[toast/cookiecaptcha.git] / FancyCaptcha.i18n.php
2007-05-07 Brion Vibber* Add hooks for captcha in main user login form
2007-04-26 Raimond Spekking* (bug 7971) Update Kazakh extension translations
2007-04-25 Raimond Spekkingkeep separate messages separate
2007-04-25 Raimond Spekking* (bug 9102) Cookie message optional + Es international...
2007-04-04 Raimond Spekking* (bug 9492) Update Japanese extension translations
2007-03-29 Raimond SpekkingGerman update
2007-03-29 Tim StarlingAction-specific messages. Don't claim that the user...
2007-03-28 Raimond Spekking* (bug 9430) Update Russian extension translations
2007-03-15 Niklas Laxström* Occitan (oc) translations from Cedric31
2007-03-15 Niklas Laxström* Breton (br) translation from Fulup
2007-03-11 Aryeh Gregor(bug 8138) Italian localization for extensions by Broke...
2007-03-07 Raimond Spekking* (bug 7971) Update Kazakh extension messages
2007-03-02 Niklas Laxström* Typo fixes
2007-02-19 Brion Vibbercs l10n: bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9030
2007-01-25 Niklas Laxström* (bug 8767) Dutch (nl) i18n updates for 14 extensions
2007-01-23 Niklas Laxström* Slovak translations to extensions
2007-01-20 Antoine MussoUse Doxygen @addtogroup instead of phpdoc @package...
2007-01-14 Antoine Mussokill whitespaces
2007-01-13 Leon Weber(bug 8616) French extensions localisation updates....
2007-01-12 Leon Weber* German localisation patch by raymond
2007-01-10 Ivan Lanin(Bug 8543) Indonesian localisation (id) for MediaWiki...
2007-01-06 Niklas Laxström* Updated Finnish translations
2007-01-05 Rotem LissUpdate.
2007-01-04 Leon WeberWhoops, forgot to commit the third patch raymond sent...
2007-01-04 Rob Church(bug 8484) Provide a getMessage() method that individua...